News 10 Jul 2015

Oh. Hi there. Thanks for stopping by. before we get down to the nitty-gritty, you should know that I won't be here next week. It's not you, it's me.

Continuing on from that most dreadful news, we haven't had much happen this week... Except for a little something called FORTRESS DESTROYER! Though there was plenty of actual little things like upgrades to systems behind the scenes, little bug fixes and an impromptu cartwheel competition that may or may not have happened.

Destroying Fortresses Is So Hot Right Now

Fortress Destroyer is now available to play on IRL Ninja Kiwi so go play it! Pick a cool ship (here's my first) and start blowing up other ships, helicopters, zooming jets, floating missile things and various bases that could be considered fortresses. There's plenty of mayhem to make, so go mayhem it up!


Questions from the Comments:

Is there a chance you guys will stop making achievements once there's enough AP to get to level 50?

Not one.

Do you like goats?

Only in simulated environments. (Actually goats are pretty cool. I used to have a pet one called "Billy" (I didn't name him))

Do you like Inside Out?

I haven't been able to see it yet. It sounds like my cup of tea though.

Do you play Call of Duty?

The last one I played was Ghosts. Got a bit tired of it then.

When Bloonarius returns, will it reset back to level one?

Yep. Each boss event will start everything fresh.

Will Double Cash ever come back as a premium without buying the Mega Monkey Everything Pack?


Is this what a badmin looks like?

In the badmin's natural habitat.

What's the RBE of Bloonarius?

Whatever it needs to be.

Aaron, are you afraid of NK nerfing you?

I don't sleep at night for fear of the coming nerfs.

Can you clear up whether or not Bloonarius is a MOAB-class bloon?

I don't think so. Though he's certainly resistant to many things that MOAB-class bloons are not.

Can you make me a moderator?


Thank you for you eyeballs. I will guard them with my life. Leave a question below. I won't be here to answer them next week but perhaps the week after.



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