News 22 May 2015

Now that my city has finished loading we can get on with the blog! There's no time for chit-chat, let's get down to business!

SAS Zombie Assault 4 Web - New Contract!

SAS4 web received an update to introduce the new contract, Zombie Hotspot. Extra strong zombies are overwhelming an unspecified populous. Get in there and neutralise them as fast as possible to earn bonus XP! Two small bug fixes are included in this update so check the change-log for more information.


Bloons TD 5 Web - New Track!

The Advanced track, Battle Knot, has been added to Bloons TD 5 web. Battle Knot is a difficult track due to its three looping rope paths, but with a lot of crossover you should be able to tackle this track with a great strategy.


Just not this strategy


Fortress Destroyer

Over the last couple of weeks we have been working on getting a new game ready for closed testing. This action strategy game has you take control of a highly offensive ship to battle against Blackwater, who are vying for control in this post apocalyptic water world.

Not featuring Kevin Costner

Fortress Destroyer runs in Unity so once the closed testing begins you will need to be able to run the plugin. For most this will require a browser other than Chrome, but we fully intend to have that working as soon as we can. We're working to get the "beta" ready very, very soon so if you can be around next week we'd love to have your feedback.

Questions from the Comments

What happened to the Archive forums?

They're still there :)

What's the difference between rolling back the servers and not rolling them back?

With server (and client) updates, we release new code. Rolling back means that we go back to the code that was getting used before the update. It's basically a slightly more involved control+z

Are you going to create an app for the site?

I could see it happening at some point but nothing to talk about at this point.

Would the Driven achievement work the same if you change the way Daily Challenges work?

Yep! Whatever change we make, there will be a particular challenge each day that counts towards Driven.

Do you have any plans to introduce AP to older games?

Nope. Older games that used the Mochi Games login are a bit more straightforward to port to the NK login system, but it all takes a lot of time that we think can be spent better with more current games and the website.

Do you plan to introduce achievements for Contract missions?

Not at the moment.


That's all for now. I look forward to your questions and your company over the next week.



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