News 21 Aug 2015

Howdy! Welcome to the blog post for the 21st of August 2015. Sickness has ravaged the office this week but with appropriate quarantine measures we've been able to get a few things out to you all.

Bloons Monkey City - Deadly Master of Air!

Black clouds gather, lightning flashing within their depths and in every corner of the city monkeys look up to see a brilliant blue portal tearing the sky asunder. There's a new boss bloon in town...

Vortex, Deadly Master of Air!

A new boss bloon means a new challenge, achievements and butt-loads of rewards to earn. At higher levels Vortex's mysterious powers will play havoc with your monkeys and towers. How far can you get?


Bloons TD Battles Mobile - Battles Arena

It's time to put your medallions where you mouth is! Introducing Battles Arenas to Battles mobile. Choose an arena and square off against your opponent for a winner-takes-all battle to the death (kinda).

Win medallions to secure your place on the weekly leader board and compete to win awesome prizes. Battles mobile is free so grab it now and try your luck at Battles Arenas!


And the winner is...

Last week I asked you to draw a picture and leave it to be judged harshly by a group of your peers.  We got 9 submitted and through careful measurements I've decided that my favourite is, what I'm calling, Monkey Oddity submitted by jkl best

Please look:

jkl best will be getting a BTD5 Steam Key in his choice of colour.


Questions from the Comments:

Will Odyssey Mode be added to Bloons TD 5 Web?

It's not something we're definitely not doing but it's not on the calender at the moment.

Will Rohan ever answer questions from the comments?

He says ":S"

Will the Marks of Awesome system ever be changed/removed?

The whole clan way of life is a bit in limbo at the moment, so it's possible that there will be changes but it's not a focus at the moment.

Are there any new maps in the works for SAS4?

Not at the moment.

Any plans to make BTD5 Daily Challenges come out at midnight GMT again?

They still do :) the delay people sometimes see appears to be a change to how the data is cached across everything. Not sure if we will spend the time necessary to get rid of that.

What exactly does the Dark Temple in BMC do?

Looks cool and pops bloons. And it's all outta bloons.

Aaron, I need a hug mang! D,:

D: *hugs*





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