News 21 Oct 2016

Hello everyone! Welcome to the blog post for October 21st. 2016. October means Halloween and we've started pushing out those spooky little updates you've come to expect from our games. Small visual changes, fun events and new maps are flying out to you now so you can enjoy the awesomeness of Halloween no matter what games you play!


Tower Keepers!

Tower Keepers is now released on iOS and Android in the New Zealand and Australia region. If you're in the region, search 'Tower Keepers' in the store and start collecting Heroes!

Halloween Picture Competition - 100 NK coins

This week's competition is for a Halloween picture related to Ninja Kiwi, with a first place prize of 100 NK coins! Spend some time thinking of a cool picture and draw it with your drawing method of choice (pencil and paper, clip art, photoshop etc.) Once you've got your picture, upload it to an image hosting site and leave it in a comment below.

One entry per person
Entries must be in by midday October 28th, NZ time (which is midnight UTC)
Good luck!
Questions from the Comments:
Will Ninja Kiwi just continue to update games like they do? Or will they create new amazing games?
Both! New games take a long time which is why they are few and far between. In the space between we update our existing games, focusing our attention where business and preferences dictate.
Could these blog post comments have a reply system?
I don't see any work being done on the comments for now. Good idea though!
Will you ever introduce Monkey Knowledge for Exploding Pineapples and Road Spikes?
Will you close the BMC servers?
Can you completely rule out any future update for BMC?
Technically no, but there aren't any planned.
Clans for BTD Battles?
What have you heard?


Thanks for stopping by folks! Have fun with your Halloween NK pics, ask any questions or leave feedback below. Have a great weekend!




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