News 01 Apr 2016

Hi everyone! Unfortunately this is the last blog post for today so here's a quick run down of what has come out in the last week!

Bloons Monkey City Mobile - Version 1.11 (now out on all platforms) ads a city edit mode to make decorating and arranging your city easier! There's a small crash issue with edit mode which we're working on fixing now.

Bloons TD Battles Mobile - Version 3.4.3 is now out to fix an issue that caused some players to lose their rewards for the weekly leader boards.

Bloons TD 5 web - We took out double Monkey Money and removed the Easter theme... :(


Blog Competition - Tell us a joke!

Post a joke in the comments below (one per person) and I'll pick some to show next week. The players who "win" will get an Elite Augment Core and 10 Ancient Monkey Knowledge packs for SAS4 and BMC web. Terms here. Keep it clean. Bonus points for making them NK related.


Questions from the Comments:

Any info about the web version of Tower Keepers?
Not really! Last week's news about the mobile version applies though. Because the game is being developed for all platforms with Unity, it'll be the same game for web and mobile.
Will BMC mobile get any more new content?
We've got content planned out, yep!
Where do you get the game's music from?
We usually work with a composer who puts things together.
Is Teknoboom discontinuing some of its guns?
What have you heard? Should I contact my investment advisor?
Will the SAS4 team add an option in MP to self boost?
There are no plans to, so it's unlikely.
How would you feel about a VR roller coaster?
I could get on board with it.
Will you update BSM2 Flash with the new stuff or will it be mobile exclusive?
BSM2 won't be getting any more updates. The mobile version is built separately from the ground up so it's its own game. Nothing in it can be transferred to web.
I wish Ninja Kiwi would fix the BMC saving problems...
... and do something about getting City Honor AP.
Has the NK team ever thought of making a Starcraft-like RTS where Monkeys, Battle Panic characters and SAS stuff duked it out in an RTS PvP royale!?
Not seriously, unfortunately.
We've seen some pretty major hotkeys implemented in the Windows version of BTD Battles. Will this be implemented in BTD Battles Steam?
Is it possible that you guys can find a new artist dedicated to Flash and 2D?
I don't see why not. It's not where the company is moving though so it's unlikely we'd even look.
Can you listen to the players and fix the broken elements of your games?
We do and it's not always possible, unfortunately. If there's something you feel is still broken (not sure if you mean design or bugs) it probably means we can't find it, don't think the time required is worth it or don't feel the same way about the thing.
Is there any news about the DDT Silo and the bank and farm upgrades in BMC mobile?
Nope. Not sure if they will happen for mobile.


Thanks for reading everyone! Keep your wits about you today/tomorrow, this date is always tricky.




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