News 08 May 2015

A thousand greetings, everyone! A few small things this week, a few small things next week. We'll get there. We're all gonna make it.


Bloons TD 5 Web - 2 DC Vaults and the track, Sprint Track

Because repetition is fun we've introduced the new Sprint Track track, a beginner track where bloons float around a running track. Along with that we put in the Daily Challenge Vaults for March and April 2015. Check them out and grab the AP you deserve! Some savvy individuals have noticed how close the top AP guys are to the next level and we're planning accordingly. The next AP will probably come from BTD5 too, and then who knows?


SAS Zombie Assault 4 Web - Housekeeping

You've all got a free skill reset waiting on any current characters. This is a once off skill reset, meaning there are no plans around future ones (either way). New characters won't get the reset. Please use this to fix up any skills you feel are wasted from the changes we've made in the past. If you don't need it you can save it for later :)

This week we also made a change to fix the most common cause of disconnects and while we've seen an improvement we're still seeing more disconnects than we like. We will continue to look into these issues so you can all have a smoother game experience.

Nightmare mode should also do better with pairing up players, but I don't think I've seen anyone ask for that...

Questions from the Comments:

Aaron, have you ever killed a man?

I'm not entirely convinced we wake up as the same person who went to sleep, so maybe I kill myself every night. What if aliens come into my home, duplicate my consciousness and then put it into a slightly repaired clone, taking my former self away to run on a giant hamster wheel aboard their spaceship?

Food for thought.

Why not HTML5? Why not Zoidberg?

While we're currently exploring the POWER OF UNITY, it won't necessarily be the only thing we look into/use. We want our games to be as accessible as possible, we want our code to be as efficient as possible (sharing between mobile/web for example) and we want to have the powers we need to make the games we want... to need?

Chrome dropping support might hurt Unity, but we'll have to see how the web-game platform game develops.

What's your opinion on the New Zealand Prime Minister's "ponytail-pulling"?

Ah politics. Should've been more embarrassing.

Can we get a teaser about the future of the forums?

Look up vBulletin 5.0.

Are there any plans to put events in Bloons Monkey City mobile?

Yep. Pretty much everything in web should make it to mobile eventually.

Is there any chance of a Bloons RPG game?

There's a chance for anything! It depends on what we want to do, what you want and what we can achieve with resources available to us. We wouldn't rule out any particular genre/style.

Have all the NK devs ever met up in once place?

All the ones in Auckland have, all the ones in Dundee have and some from each have meet all of the others, but never all of both in the one place. I believe it would result in reality collapsing around the event.

What's the thing on the Heavy's arm?

Apple watch.

What would you do if you found a little kiwi on the street?

Be like, "whoa, what are you doing here little guy?"

Then I'd try capture it, take it home and raise it as one of my own. I'm pretty sure that's not allowed though so let's say I'm joking.

If you had to make a rough estimate, what would you say is the probability of a new game being released in 2015?

Exactly a million-to-one. But that's just a rough estimate.


Thanks for reading, see you on another time!