News 24 Apr 2015

Good news, everyone! I've been re-watching Futurama recently and it's a great TV show!

Bloons Monkey City and SAS Zombie Assault 4 on web are both close to getting updated. One would not be overly optimistic to expect next week, but take that with a grain of sodium chloride. There's some fun new game modes for SAS4 and more opportunities for sweet rewards in BMC and bug fixes for both.

New Avatars

This week we finally got some new avatars onto the site, including some girly ones (I think someone may have a crush on Angel) and a bad-ass old man one from Potion Panic which I'm rather happy with. If you haven't seen them yet, check out your profile and perhaps change up how people see you on the site!

BTD Battles Web Update

Bloons TD Battles web got an update today, and after a tricky start (some updates just want to watch the world burn) everything should be smooth now. This update is all invisible stuff (i.e. no new tracks or anything) to make matchmaking work smoother and faster as well as a little bit of code tidying to match the recent server upgrades. The only ongoing issue we're currently aware of is a sudden increase in wins and/or losses. As far as we can tell this is what the server thinks your stats should be and the messiness of the servers before was making it not show up. Still, we'll be happy to remove the extra losses if you aren't happy with them, so flick us an email ( if that's the case.

Questions from the Comments:

About questions: if there's no answer it's either because I've answered before or there's nothing new to say. Please don't get annoyed if your question isn't answered. If it's something you're really wondering about and you can't find the answer, email and we'll be happy to help. Just don't be surprised if we say "it's something we're looking at but we don't have anything to announce yet".

Have you ever regretted coring your Z-5 Heavy to the max?

No ragrets!

Can you put a reconnect option/button in SAS4?

The game automatically reconnects you if possible. The wide-spread disconnect issue is not a regular, old disconnect. The disconnect itself is the result of a bug or set of bugs as well as game engine limits. These are pretty varied and difficult to track down but we're working on getting as many fixed as we can (there are some fixes in the approaching update).

Which corridor on Power Out has the most deaths?

Good question! I'll get the stats put together and hopefully get you an answer soon.

Are you physically active? Or are you just a guy who lays in bed or couch on your computer/laptop all day long?

I go to the gym and stuff. Gotta live long enough to live forever, right? The couch and laptop combo is pretty great though.

Would you ever do Double XP weekends for SAS4?

Nope. Getting more XP would make players level up faster but wouldn't necessarily mean they get stronger. Double boxes and half XP would probably benefit people more :) (though we won't do that either)

Will there be an update or sequel to Battle Panic?

There is no one working on the game so no updates. A sequel would be very fun and there are enough of us here that would like it, but our plans (extending into next year) don't include a sequel unfortunately. A man can dream though, a man can dream.

Do you plan to go beyond Flash with future games?

Yep. At this stage I think SAS4 will be the last game running on the Flash plugin.

Could you add SAS4/Battles/BMC to Steam?

Porting a game to Steam takes quite a while and we aren't working on any new games for Steam at the moment. We would like to see more of our games on Steam but because we're still small and it would split focus it won't be happening without a lot of support for BTD5 and from the community (and even then we'd have to balance it against other games and get it to fit into our plans). So, maybe not, but definitely not soon.

How was the chocolate milk?

You have to ask? It was delicious of course.

See you next week (another long weekend, New Zealanders love them apparently). Claimed! Also, just because, the first person to find the Futurama reference in this post (outside of the opening paragraph) will get 5 Nantonium strongboxes.