News 17 Apr 2015

You asked for it! A whole blog dedicated to comment questions.... But not really, there's just no news. There's a build up of updates though so I'm crossing my fingers for next week.

We've got new events, new game-modes, new account systems, bug fixes, new maps, new versions, new connection systems, new packs, new equipment and even new UI. But what exactly are these new things and for which games?

Questions from the Comments:

Is there a reason why Banana Farms in Bloons Monkey City mobile don't give 150% cash (compared to BTD5) like they do on BMC web?

Tower balance varies quite a bit between the mobile and web engine because of their different set-ups. The difference with Farms is partly to do with a generally different balance and also because (like with web) the balance was pulled from BTD5 and we just didn't feel the change was necessary like we did in the web version. I haven't heard of any plans to change this.

Will there be some sort of auto-collect for farms (in-tile) in BMC mobile?

Farms being a bit awkward on mobile is something we're considering but if/how that's dealt with is still up in the air. So, not sure sorry.

is there a chance that Monkey Knowledge will be released on mobile before/at the same time as second cities?

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It's kind of funny that I copy and pasted that from a web page explaining how you can write it without having to google, then copy and paste it each time. But I digress.

Will there be a PvP mode for SAS4?

A direct PvP is very, very unlikely. The biggest issue is that Flash just isn't great for multiplayer gaming so that imposes a ridiculous amount of restrictions on us. We're already incredibly lenient on who gets the kill for zombies but that just won't work in direct PvP.

Any news on the damage bug in SAS4?

This bug is (as far as I know) caused by decimal values. It's fixed in the next update which is being tested currently (and looking good, but you know how things are).

Will Black box drop ranges be part of the general range changes for weapons/armour in SAS4?

I'm not sure of the extent of the changes for this next update but they are on our list.

Can Kongregate players be banned from NK games?

Mostly, yep. We don't have control over their actual account though so it's a little harder.

Did they choo-choo-choose you to keep this blog for a particular reason?

I picked me because I wanted to do it :)

What's the best thing you've found in the fridge at NK HQ?

Chocolate milk.


Peace out,