News 03 Apr 2015

Just a short on this week on account of it being Good Friday (public holiday here in New Zealand). I'll just be answering a few questions and then it's long weekend time.


Questions from the Comments:

Will Odyssey Mode be coming to Bloons TD 5 Web?

This is another thing we want to do but is not part of current plans. Hopefully one day, but likely not soon.

Can we see more heat maps (showing deaths) for SAS4?

Yep, it's a useful tool for us so we're developing it for balance, but it's also very interesting so once we've got it working tidily we'll show you more.

Will the new new forums look more like the Archive ones or the current new ones (or something different)?

They'll look more like the Archive forums. We are intending to spend time on skins/themes so that it works with the NK site so I can't really be sure what it'll look like exactly.

What was the first game you played that brought you into the magical world of gaming?

I think the first game I played was California Games.

Is a Dart Monkey male of female?

Some monkeys are male, some are female. 

History of Ninja Kiwi?

The Wikipedia page is a good place to start:

Any plans for a global chat on

Yep, won't be happening any time soon though.\

What are you going to do for April Fools?

April Fools isn't very big here (unfortunately?) so we didn't do anything for it.


Have a great weekend everyone!