News 20 Mar 2015

Hey everyone! This week the main event was the mobile update train making a stop. We also saw some bug fixes for Bloons Monkey City web and SAS4 got some too as well as Ice Station Nightmare. But you know all about that don't you? If you don't you should probably go inform yourself by playing some SAS4 and Bloons Monkey City. BMC has Monkey Knowledge Packs available in Contested Territory rewards this week (and every week) so I'd go for those if you don't do anything else.

Bloons Monkey City Mobile - Easter Update

Version 1.3 for BMC mobile has landed and it's all in celebration of Easter! There are chocolate eggs for you to collect and you'll win fantastic prizes by participating in this event. The new item, The Egg Scrambler, can be earned by collecting enough from the event and I imagine that's something you'll be wanting.

The update also introduced Contested Territory events so you can start earning more stuff for your city by beating progressively higher levels.

Remember! Bloons Monkey City mobile is free. You can grab it by following this link or searching in your device's store. If you ever find yourself wanting for things to do on the bus this may be the answer.

Questions from the Comments:

What plans are there based around a "Block User" feature on the site?

Blocking users (the main request being a block from following/commenting on your stuff) isn't something we're looking into at the moment. There are more important features that need priority (forums for example) and those are being discussed first.

What ways are there to get Ancient Monkey Knowledge packs?

A chance with each chest captured and in Contested Territory events. There will be more ways in future.

This is unrelated...

It's about Ninja Kiwi in some way so it's related :)

... but have you considered making an app for the NK website?

Yep, we have. Nothing to say about the idea at the moment though. Nothing actively being worked on at the moment.

Will there be compensation for tiles/chest previously captured (for Monkey Knowledge)?

There will not be. This is because we want players to get most of their packs from events (such as CT Milestones. There are more coming). While back-paying players for their tiles would be great, if annoying with all those packs, working on that doesn't add anything to the game where as adding new events does. Most players shouldn't be affected by MK coming out now rather than earlier so looking forward is the choice we've made in this case.

Will you add a "recent posts/comments" feature to the forums?

100% yes. We're deep in conversation about the future of the forums and how best to handle them. Having two separate forums (one being significantly better) is difficult for us as well as players. Features like this are one of the most helpful "small" changes we can make so whatever the outcome of the discussion we'll be adding something like that.

Is there a chance the Engineer will be put into Bloons TD 5 Web?

There are no plans to add the Engineer to BTD5.

Are there any plans for a Daily Reward system for BMC like BTD5, SAS4, BSM2 etc?


Do you plan on making the in-game sprites for weapons and armour show up for SAS4 web?

No unfortunately. As cool as it would be, it will increase memory use which we kinda want to avoid at the moment.

When are the contents of Black strongboxes decided?

The seed for a the Black Strongbox is saved as soon as you get it, and that seed uses your character level to determine what item is in the box. Basically this means that the item you will get is decided when you get the box, and then re-decided every time you level up. Long story short, you are not wasting strongboxes if you save them to open at a higher level.


But... :(

What is your favourite NK game?

Bloons TD 5 all the way, even though I don't get to play it as much these days.

What is your favourite non-NK game?

Forza Horizon 2 at the moment. The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind or Halo 2 for ever.

Aaron you sneaky ninja.



Cheers everyone. Have a great weekend.