News 13 Mar 2015

Hello, hello, hello. Welcome to another blog on Friday the 13th and I'm afraid... Afraid that it's a slow news week.

Monkey City web got an update but SAS4 and all the mobile games are still in various states of development so we've got nothing to give you on those fronts. We should be able to show you some interesting data from SAS4 web soon, namely where y'all are dying all the time. And if a comment about death isn't the best way to end a paragraph in a blog post on Friday the 13th, well, I don't want to live.

Bloons Monkey City - Monkey Knowledge

Your monkeys can now get smarter! Monkey Knowledge is a new way to increase the power of your towers in Bloons Monkey City (only web, for now). You can earn Monkey Knowledge packs by beating tiles (a small chance for each win), capturing Treasure Chests, Contested Territory milestone rewards (next week! This week's rewards don't have them) and there will be more chances in future, unspecified game events.

As you open packs you'll earn XP for a particular tower or general power (Bloon Sabotage, Abilities and Monkey Tycoon). As each levels up your towers will get better. That's more range, cheaper upgrades, more powerful attacks or some other awesome improvement. So what are you waiting for? Load up Bloons Monkey City and start giving your towers some learning.


Questions from the Comments:

Is there an ETA for the MvM/Honor changes?

Unfortunately not.

Is there any chance we'll be able to nickname our weapons/armour?

You can already! I call my Proposition 'El Propodor'. (But no. No plans for naming equipment)

Aaron needs some serious balancing. He is ridiculously overpowered. Balance patch pls?

Thank you for your feedback. At this point we feel that Aaron is balanced at all but the upper most skill range. Not messing up balance for others is important so feel free to offer some suggested for changes.


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