News 07 Apr 2014

Hi all. This blog post is going up on a Monday. Not because I like Mondays (though they're not as bad as the rumours would lead you to believe), but because our blog posting system is having a few issues.
We're still working to get the system going but we hope to return to the usual Friday blog post format this week.

Better have a Beta

SAS 4 has gone into a closed beta on To get into the beta you must simply have an account on by registering one when registration is open.
We only open registration every so often. This way we can have a slow but steady increase in the number of players who have access to the game at all times.
If you have yet to register, and you're interested in doing so, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and/or keep a close eye on the SAS4 forum on Ninja Kiwi. When registration is open we will announce it to get as many people on during that time period.
Because this beta has only just begun, there are a lot of bugs, glitches and errors leading to crashes, connection problems and just not being able to complete games every now and then. If you would prefer not to put up with SAS4 in its current incomplete stage we recommend waiting for a later time to start playing.
However, and this is very, very important. SAS4 is a lotta fun, so if you are OK with a few problems, we highly recommend getting onto the game if you have a chance.

Questions from the Comments

What are the admins favourite towers?
I'm collecting this important information right now. A few have answered, but many more haven't. Right now I can say that the only tower that's come up twice is the Ice Tower.

Does any of the moderators like Candy Canes?
Yes, yes, yes (only three answered)

Is there a release date for SAS4?
Nope, no set release date yet.

It seems that people want more towers.
Don't they just. There was more to this question, but because I can't say anything yet a generalised answer works better. Under the assumption that computer BTD players will get more towers at some point, we will keep the exact details a secret right up until we announce it. If you haven't heard anything from us it's because we don't want you to know just yet. This is mostly for our protection (in case something changes).

Will there be more to do in BMC?
Yes, yes there will.

And that's all we have time for this week. Leave a comment or question below!