News 28 Mar 2014
Hello, hello. It's nice to see you again. Here's another blog post that I hope you enjoy.

SAS: Zombie Assault 4 Milestone!

In the late hours of yesterday afternoon we passed a tremendous milestone in SAS4's development. We managed to play two multi-player missions back to back without crashes, errors or anyone needing to refresh the game.
SAS 4 is getting into shape faster than an Extra Fast Runner. Everyone in the office is jumping at the opportunity to hop into matchmaking to play a few rounds--and before now experience a few game ending bugs. No longer do I lie asleep at night with my brain straining to place a Boomer in the perfect location. Instead, the bass-y thud of my CM 505 firing 11 rounds every second fills my imagination... quickly followed by a dull 'thwack' as they embed themselves in the Evolved Stalkers pushing me into the corner.
As each of these milestones tumbles by we get closer and closer to a point where we'll start smuggling some of you in to feed you feet first into the zombie meat grinder. But alas, we are not yet at a point where you will get to choose one of these friendly faces.

Battle for Honor and... Monkeymanity?

And the discussion goes on. As I've said on the forums, and we've said in the past, there are changes coming to the Monkey vs. Monkey system, particularly in regards to Honor. More recently we've been talking about what exactly needs to happen to get BMC in a place that players appreciate. I won't say specific details yet, as they're subject to change, but we will be moving towards a system that does not try to put a difficulty limit on the amount of Honor a player can accumulate.

These changes will come into effect slightly before or when the game is next updated, though when that will be exactly is still a mystery.

A veritable handful of questions:

Can you please remove the Blop Cash from the Wheel of Fate? 
We won't be removing Blop Cash from the Wheel of Fate, at least not in the forseeable future. Your voices have been heard though. At a not-yet-determined point there will be an update to the Wheel of Fate, that among some additions and changes, will reduce the chance of Blop Cash a good amount.
Why won't there be any more updates to BSM2?
Most simply, it's just a decision we've made based on a few factors like players, potential and interest. We'd love to be able to work on BSM2 and others, but there's only so much time available.

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