News 14 Mar 2014
Hi everybody, welcome to another Friday update, where you can usually find out a little of what's been happening around Ninja Kiwi and see the answers to some of life's biggest questions.

Last week's Bloons Monkey City update caused some players' City Honor to reset to zero (or nearer zero than it should be). We believe the bug has been fixed now and players that have reported it happening to them are being fixed up. If you ran into this, and have yet to let us know (or are still having issues with it), please email so that we can fix it for you.

There was also an issue with Premium items in the portable version of BTD5's update. Players were noticing their Bigger Beacons missing. This too has been sorted with an update, and requires no manual fixing so everyone should be just fine and dandy there.

Questions from the Comments

When do bloon pops count in BMC?

Update to my comment in last week's blog post comment section:
The camo pops, lead pops, ceramic pops, MOAB pops etc. (for acheivements) are only "sent through" when you leave a game. You can win, lose or quit (lose) and they will be saved. The only time it won't count is if the game is closed (or crashes/disconnects) during a tile.

What can we expect regarding the Boost/Spikes Buttons on BMC?
We still intend to move them to a less intrusive location at some point.

Will the new mobile tracks be added to web BTD5?
They usually seem to.

Are there any plans for a "pontoon" like building in BMC to allow us to build on captured water tiles?
We want to make lake tiles more usable in future, but nothing to say about that yet.

What country was Ninja Kiwi made in?
New Zealand. Sam (from the video) is at the studio in Dundee that (mostly) handles the mobile versions of NK games

Any plans for battles updates?
Yep! While the planned server upgrade is taking a lot longer than we wanted it to (it's a whole new server infrastructure for (nearly?) all our multiplayer games), we will be having smaller stuff like tracks soon.

Aaron what are the odds of towers in games like BTD5D and the Mobile version being added to BMC?
It's a million-to-one chance.

When will Battle Panic be fixed?
There's an issue with Battle Panic loading up then not playing which we're looking into. It is very browser dependant so you will most likely be able to play if you switch to another browser. Battle Panic has not been updated recently, so the issue is outside of the game. No time-frame for when that will be fixed.

When can we expect in-game graphics options for BTD5 and beyond, Battle Panic, etc.
Released games will not be getting those sort of things added, sorry. Future/in-development games may get them (and we're moving towards having more options like that).

What happens if you have 3 supply crates already, and somebody sends you another one?
Currently the crate will be wasted. 

Any information on SAS4?

In BTD5, if we completed a track on any difficulty, will the reward always be less than the original one?
Yep, the reward for that difficulty will be reduced to a fraction of the original. Forever and always.

And that's all folks. Tune in next week to read another episode of What's Up at Ninja Kiwi.