News 07 Mar 2014
Happy Friday day! Welcome to another episode of What's Up at Ninja Kiwi!
This week is like any other in many ways, but would any other week have updates for multiple games!? Very possibly, but here are our updates.
Bloons TD 5
The blooniest of TD 5 games has been updated on iOS and Android.
Update 2.6 brings our portable popping fans two new tracks, Lobby and Down The Drain
Lobby is a Beginner Track on the upper end of the Beginner Track difficulty scale, and Down The Drown is an Expert Track available in Co-op Mode as well as Solo.
Bloons TD Battles
And the battliest TD Battles game has been updated on Android and iOS.
Battles version 1.6 introduces another brand new track called Indoor Pools and a fancy decal or two in celebration of Saint Patrick's Day (which is coming up, so make sure you've got something green!)
If you're a fan of either of these games, go load them up now and have a whirl. If you're more into the visual/aural medium of information delivery, check out Sam in this video showcasing the two aforementioned updates:
Bloons Monkey City

On the web frontier, a Bloons Monkey City update dropped earlier today. Along with several bug fixes we've introduced Supply Crates (!)
Supply Crates are selected at the start of defending a tile and will drop you glorious in-game cash at the start of the round, Monkey Air Delivery.
You can send three crates a day to your friends, free of charge, and request the same number back. Save them all for that particularly hard Regen MOAB tile, or use them one by one to start catching tiles to build those buildings that require more space.
I only pulled a few questions out of the bag today, and here they are:
How close are we to getting a BMC on mobile?
Closer, but still far. No news on this front at the moment.

Aaron, are you the creator of Ninja Kiwi?
Nay! The creator of Ninja Kiwi is not me. That would be Chris and Stephen Harris.
Thanks, as always, and don't forget to leave us questions below!