News 11 Feb 2014
This has been a busy week for Ninja Kiwi.

We had some interesting changes in a Bloons Monkey City update. Those changes gave us a lot of useful information about how to better handle the game's difficulty across the wide range of players who will be playing. What you're currently experiencing in BMC is not what the game will be like after one or more updates, but even then we'll have plenty of cool additions to challenge those who want challenges and make the game fun for everyone.

If you haven't played Bloons Monkey City and you're not sure if you want to, we've prepared a handy trailer to display how the game looks and plays

Bloons TD 5 web had an update to introduce two new tracks that recently went to the Android and iOS versions. There's a healthy helping of Monkey Money and Awesome Points waiting for the players who beat the tracks in single player as well as Co-op Mode so go and check them out.

Profile pages are disabled
Your profile page is currently disabled. Someone has found an exploit to post things to activity feeds and in general confuse profiles. Luckily this is not an invasive exploit so there is nothing to worry about.
We're working hard to find everything we need to, so if something comes up that requires your involvement we will let you know.

No passwords, emails or data of any kind has been removed or retrieved from our system.

In saying that, it's always a good idea to practice safety on the internet. Make sure your passwords are 8+ characters, have letters and numbers, and are different for important sites (so don't use the same password for forums as your email account) and always use two-step verification when available.

Bloons Monkey City beta bugs
There are a few bugs in Bloons Monkey City at the moment that are related to server latency. This is our highest priority at the moment so it's getting the most attention.
Issues caused by this are:
City reset
City terrain completely changed
Upgrades not saving after refresh
Upgrades have gone missing completely
Bloontonium/Cash disappearing
If you experience one or more of these things you need to email to get it fixed. Just posting on the forums will not be enough because it is a data bug exclusive to the accounts it happens on (ie, once it's fixed your data will still be broken)

Some forum goers manage to stumble across a picture with some Ninja Kiwi game movie posters in the background. Because they're cool, here are some of them. Just a note, there is no actual movie to go along with these.

And here's a picture with a few other posters pinned up for Ninja Kiwi staff viewing pleasure:
Poster Wall

Questions from the Comments

Is Battle Panic suitable for Clan Challenges? 

Nope. The only games currently sending us data to use for Clan Challenges are Bloons TD 5, Bloons Super Monkey 2, SAS: Zombie Assault TD and Bloons Monkey City.
While we'd like to have a wider range of games to use, working with code from old games takes a while for reasons, so it's unlikely other old games will get CC data stuff.

Besides Clan Challenges and Marks, do you plan to add anything more to Clans?
Not in the near future. We have a lot of ideas, but as most of them won't happen we don't like to announce stuff ahead of time.