News 04 Feb 2014
Hi everybody! This week started with a bang when yesterday's Bloons Monkey City update carried a bug that caused a lot of players to lose Bloonstones. We got that fixed as soon as possible but quite a few people were affected. We've just finished up giving out Bloonstones to those who were playing while the bug was in the game.

A few little questions then.

What does City Honor do (besides achievements)
Currently Honor is only used for a small amount of Match Making with Monkey Vs. Money quick matches. 
We have ideas for having further MvM buildings/powers etc. for getting your City Honor higher, but those are still up in the air.
What is the easiest way to earn bloonstones in Bloons Monkey City
Beating tiles without losing any lives (NLL) is the best way to get Bloonstones in BMC. One strategy often used is to restart a tile if you lose any lives. This can slow your progress, but you will collect more Bloonstones.

The easiest overall way would be to just earn Bloonstones from levelling up your city and beating Volcano tiles and chests. This way will earn you a lot less Bloonstones though.
Day in the life of a Ninja Kiwi employee
To be honest, it's pretty boring to read about. 
For the New Zealand office, work starts at 8:30am where we're expected to be at our desks and getting into things, often with a cup of coffee or tea and not uncommonly a bowl of cereal or other breakfast food.
At this point everyone will spend a bit of time warming up, opening the programs they use, reading through emails and chatting with co-workers. After that they will start working on whatever it is they are currently working on. For artists and programmers this is their current project or choice of project depending on how important/requiring completion it is.

Those of us without full on projects will usually have something to be getting on with.
At some point in the day there will generally be a project team meeting to make sure everyone is up to date, find out if there have been complications and confirm the direction each person will be continuing on.
They'll continue working, taking a break somewhere between 12 pm and 2 pm the back to working. It's unlikely that people will be interrupted from their work unless something big comes up.

The day ends at 5pm so NK staff will slowly leak back into the world from then.

Thanks for reading!