News 18 Nov 2013
It's the time of week where we update you on various things you want to be updated on. Remember to leave a comment on what you want us to talk about or any other suggestions you have. We'll do our best to get through everything we can answer (we do like secrets).
So, here we go.
Fan Submissions
Fan of the Week was an awesome way to see the great and crazy things that could be made in reference to our games. We thought it was cool, you thought it was cool, and it was a neat opportunity to win some cool stuff for a little bit of creativity.
For anyone new to NK, Fan of the Week was a weekly (for the most part) competition where you could send in some creation (drawings, stories, models and animations for example) and win a t-shirt or a package of goodies, or even NK coins.
There were, and have been, a lot of requests for the return of Fan of the Week so we'll have a think about a good way to have it organised and let you know. Fan of the Week day was always enjoyable, so we'll do what we can to see it again. 

We'll make sure we can do something to show of the awesome fandom we've got around, so if you've got any ideas it would be a good idea to start working on them.
The worst kept secret on Ninja Kiwi that I can remember... Unfortunately it's too early to say anything except that there will be zombies and guns and SAS people.
Would you like to know more? Well, you'll have to wait.

This week's Clan Challenge
There won't be a Clan Challenge this week.
Questions from the comments:
Why are active members only those who have earned AP, instead of members who have played a game?
The main effect new clan members have is to contribute AP for the weekly race. That's also where there's the biggest differences between clans. The changes we made have evened that out very nicely we think (Blue Wolves and Dark Matter had more "active" members, so they've suffered this first week, but it's levelling out now).
Because players with all or most of the AP aren't able to contribute to the weekly race, they shouldn't necessarily affect new player distribution.
But! The numbers for "accounts that earned AP in the last 30 days" and "accounts that played a game in the last 30 days" while very different, had the same ratios. So using either definition would have a similar result in the grand scheme of things.
When will Daily Challenges end?
I assume this is about BMC being released? Not to worry though, we don't have any current plans for stopping DC's. When we do eventually stop them, it's most likely that we'll make some way for DC's to be generated daily.
BMC isn't a replacement to BTD5, only a hypothetical BTD6 could have that honour I think.

Thanks for reading! Make sure to comment below or we won't have anything to talk about next week.