News 21 Aug 2020

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Hey everyone! It’s Sav and Tarn here this week

What's been going on this week?

In case you missed it, we released a small teaser for our up-coming hero! You can see it here.

BTD5 also released an update with a new map, Parking Lot! Get it now on iOS, Google Play, Steam and Amazon. 

Chuten’t Have results:
1st: Shwax - 1 minute and 55 seconds
2nd: exephur - 1 minute and 57.15 seconds
3rd:skibimi - 1 minute and 57.85 seconds
4th: tsp - 1 minute and 57.91 seconds
5th: Stupid - 1 minute and 58 seconds

This weekend's focus:

- BTD6 - 
Pile O' Monkey Money and T3 Insta Monkeys on sale.
Ongoing "Journey to the Dark Castle" Odyssey, ending Tuesday.
"Abnormal Primary ~By Crimey" Race this weekend. 

- BATTD - 
Ongoing Martian games: Shuffle, more regrow and fast regrow. 
Shuffle, no powers and half cash starting Saturday.
Finn Hero Pack sale, Ice King Adventure Pack sale and Character Bundle Pack.

- Tower Keepers -
Hero battles rewards x2 and x2 Gold sale.
Ongoing Zaluss and Dragons hoard.  

- BTD Battles -
Friday: MOAB, MOAB Card - BFB Random 15, BFB Boosts only, BFB
Saturday: MOAB Card, MOAB Club, MOAB - BFB, BFB Card
Sunday: MOAB, MOAB Card - BFB Boosts Only, BFB, BFB Card Club
Monday: MOAB
2x Medallions with Bag and Chest of Medallions on sale. 

- SAS4 web -
LMS on Friday, Apoc on Saturday and VS with Black items as rewards on Sunday. 
Sale on Epic pack and 3rd premium gun set: Handkanone, CM 505 and HIKS S4000

- SAS4 Mobile -
LMS on Friday, VS with Black Box as rewards on Saturday and Apoc on Sunday. 
Sales on nantos, NV vet pack, epic pack and 9th premium gun set: Contagion, Ahab and Calamity

- BMC web and mobile - 
Daily monkey teams with Monkey Knowledge pack on Saturday
Knowledge Pack sale (ancient on mobile too).

- BTD5 -
Monkey team starting Friday, rotating every 3 hours.
Rainbow counting for the leaderboards. Ace Skin on Sale. 

- BSM2 -
Double blops and boosters.

- Countersnipe -
Friday: 10 Player Free For All and Consumables Pack on sale.
Saturday: Factionless event and Stacks of Cash on sale. 
Sunday: Target Practice and Tokens on sale. 
50 Game XP Booster on sale for the whole weekend.

Questions from the comments: 

can you tell the people on r/btd6 to stop making hero ships, it's getting annoying
how do you feel when btd6 ends up like undertale with all the cancerous shipping
As we said on the last blog, we love the crazy and while you may not be interested in it, other players may love it and we would never want to stop passion for our games! No matter how they chose to display it. :) If you do have suggestions for the subreddit you can get in contact with the awesome mods via this link!

Can the buccaneer have a path that past to present navy and another that's pirate path. And how come the destroyer cant have cannonballs.
It saddens us that our intent to do exactly that didn’t come through! The three paths are 3 versions of big ships on the water - path 1 is modern, path 2 is age of sails/pirate, and path 3 is mercantile. While the Destroyer does have a gatling dart deck gun it does represent an older gunship than the aircraft carrier. With all of the crosspaths available up to level 2, it was important to keep the tier 1 and 2 models consistent, and the classic pirate buccaneer was consistent with previous BTDs and our starting happy place. The destroyer can’t have cannonballs because that’s a 3-3-0 and only exists in OPland.

what made pat so big
Think big
Dream big
Believe big
Be Pat

Do you live in the btd universe? Because you asked heroes things so my theory is that you are in that universe. And if i was correct do you need help? I could try helping
Everyone is welcome to visit the BTD universe :)

I have some questions. ・Why shop doesn't work when premium gun is sold on SAS4web? ・When the comment pointed out that the contents of the blog are different because the shop is not functioning, Why did you delete SAS4 news? ・The comment pointed out about the SAS4web version, not the Steam/mobile version. Why did you delete the news up to the Steam/mobile version? All you have to do is fix your SAS4 shop (or explain why it doesn't work), not ignore comments and delete news.
Dear NK, The SAS community was simply asking you to correct two issues in your blog posts: The part where you listed "No nightmare" for 4 weeks STRAIGHT, even despite being told that nightmare works fine. preet and I had asked about it, both 60 upvotes, and it wasn't answered. Then we asked you to stop saying premium guns were on sale, because the flash store didn't work when premium guns were on sale. Then you completely removed the SAS section completely. It's nice to see these actions despite us being told that you guys "love" sas4 and haven't "forgotten" about it…
Hi, do you know why we write these messages? because we love the game, i could only hope you guys feel the same, i guess not everyone at team NK likes the SAS series thats ok, bloons is a bigger title and earns more money, i like bloons too. Just wish SAS4 was given not ALOT but maybe the 'minimal' care that you guys said it would. By removing news of SAS4 from blog, it doesnt show minimal care, it shows 0 care.
B r u h, we were complaining about the false announcements of prem guns being sold...we were not complaining about the announcing sas related stuff. Did ya really have to remove everything sas 4 related? The announcing of events and game modes would still be nice to see, it would show that you care about the game…
We did receive your comments and feedback from last week's blog! The events were temporarily removed but have been readded this week. Our team is currently looking into the issue with SAS4 premium store not working on Archive. We are going to continue to say which guns are on sale as some players can still access the store through the web browser, as they did before Archive was an option! 

1. What is monkey culture like? 2. What is the monkey religion, or religions? 3. Where do monkeys learn their magic? I think wizards learn it in schools, druids get it from nature, and alchemists make potions. 4. Do the monkeys speak a different language, or just English? Because monkeys have different vocal tracks and mouths, so they would speak differently. 5. What are those glyphs and symbols on the main gear in the advanced map "Gears"? Are they part of the monkey language?
1. Aside from when the Bloons invade, it’s normally pretty peaceful! After all the village of Monkeynui is all they need.
2. Can’t really say whether the monkeys buy into organized religion. Certainly we know the Sun God factors in somewhere.
3. Pretty close! Alchemists did have to also go to school for it but in chemistry!
4. They speak what you hear, but as you know they mostly like to speak with their darts and other vehicles of Bloon destructionzorz!
5. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

what would you think about showing the towers with the most upgrade XP on the profile page in td6? i wanna flex my 6mil unused exp on the monkey ace
We haven’t planned on that at this stage as we are still floating some XP usage ideas! We approve of convivial flexing.

The acidic mixture dip is a formula that makes the monkeys stronger for a short time, but then it wears of, can the monkeys get addicted to the acidic mixture dip, because they are only stronger when they have the dip, and after it wears of they are weak again; untill they use again.
It is a bit of a rush but it's only as addictive as sunshine, laughing with friends, or a great tower defense game.

How do some players get the red outline around the map? I have not seen anything other than black.
Red? I have never seen red! There are gold (Earned by getting all medals and beating CHIMPS but leaving the game and coming back to it) and black borders. 

How do you feel about BTD6 youtubers? Are they honest in their videos or faking things for more views?
We have a lot of YouTubers that we have worked with personally and they are all really cool people! We love people getting fun out of our games and we do tend to think they are honest!

how many spikes can a spike factory produce
So many that counting them would be pointless… 
waiiit a second. 

Why are the Battles patch notes on the NK forums instead of Facebook now?
Battles doesn’t have a super active Reddit like BTD 6 does, which is why we tend to use our own forums for those. We do always link to them in our social posts, though!

What do you think about clickbait,toxic Bloons TD6 youtubers that have their audiances made up from kids. (like Ssunde,Tewtiy and JeromeASF) and also why they are in the latest comunity videos?
We wouldn’t call these YouTubers toxic at all! All of the ones listed are really nice people that we have worked with directly and all of them tend to play content that just happens to be targeted at kids! Most YouTube titles tend to be clickbaity but there are plenty that actually shout out cool things that really do happen.

Do you have any plans to add a trophy store item that allows renaming heroes?
Probably not! We did give them all very intentional names. 

Could you add the odyssey event in the btd6 section on there?
Why did you not remind us of the odyssey this week?
We have made sure to add it this week! :) 

Do yall ever have tsunami's there, all I ever seen was one Texas tornado and lots of Wizard tornados & Sun Temple tornados? What's it like?
Can’t claim to have seen a tsunami in person but definitely they happen in New Zealand - fortunately there’s usually enough distance from the tectonic shifts that they aren’t crazy big. Scotland hasn’t had one for thousands of years according to our friend wikipedia. A few of us have seen big tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes - all profoundly scary things. The game doesn’t intend to make light of how dangerous they are.

Why Bloons TD 5 Deluxe was discontinued?
We hugely enjoyed making Deluxe and it gave us ideas for BTD6, some of which are still on the drawing board. Unfortunately issues with payment providers and Windows upgrades over time made it unsustainable, so we made the choice to pull Deluxe and work with Steam as our main Windows BTD5 game, as it had so much more content with all of the updates.

Are there humans in the BTD universe?
Us humans don’t live in the BTD universe but we’re welcome to visit as long as we keep it green and tidy. 

Is the alchemist something like Dr. Monkey's assistant, since they are relatively similar? Or is the alchemist secretly Dr. Monkey himself?
Dr. Monkey teaches the Chemistry classes at school! And a lot of other classes, like Time Travel Basic and Applied Quantum Physics: Can I Exist in Two Timestreams Simultaneously (graduate students only).

In BATTD, there's a weapon called the Wizard Lord Wand, based on the 4/4 Apprentice design from BTD5, and it allows the user to create tornadoes. However, the Wizard Lord ally uses the design from BSM2, and he has a completely different wand with completely different attacks. Are there actually two different entities in Bloons history that were deemed Wizard Lords, and if so, how did this happen?
Technically, all wizards can become Wizard Lords! Some of it depends on the upgrades, some on whether there is an authority figure nearby willing to tap you on the shoulder and say some “doth bestoweth the title” mumbletee-dumbletee, and some on whether you happen to form a high school band as there is a worrisome propensity in high school to put “Lords of” in band names.

Quincy told me nothing gets past his bow, but we immediately leaked a ceramic bloon. Why did he lie to me? -Squid
That is so ironic. Annie Lennox asked such a similar question 35 years ago.

ik this is all completely irrelevant to sas5 and might not be something you can answer, but what was the rancor sadeye (unreleased championship content that never got developed) that supposed be like? in terms of design and whatnot
Unfortunately no production ever began, but the last blueprints found for a Sadeye prototype say it was intended to be: A delayed explosive grenade launcher, 10 RPS, Launches a continuous swarm of deadly spiked UHE grenades that bounce around before exploding

Has sas4 soldier somehow end up in the blooniverse and see googly eyes and confetti instead of pure white eyes and blood and guts.
Not that we know of! If they were, we would recommend that they got a good night’s sleep so things would make more sense.

We had some trouble getting all of the questions in this weeks blog but we will try and get the rest of your questions in next weeks blog! Have a great weekend and happy gaming! 

- Sav and Tarn