News 14 Aug 2020


Art by u/EricDaBloonPopper. Original post here.

Hey everyone! It’s Sav and Tarn here this week

What's been going on this week?

Our teams are both working hard on some new updates that we cannot wait to share with you!

Activated race results:

1st: exephur - 2 minutes and 21 seconds
2nd: bruh - 2 minutes and 22.13 seconds
3rd: GivenUp! - 2 minutes and 22.15 seconds
4th: tsp - 2 minutes and 22.21 seconds
5th: RIZE - 2 minutes and 24 seconds

This weekend's focus:

- BTD6 - 
Pile O' Monkey Money and T3 Insta Monkeys on sale. 
"Chuten't Have" Race this weekend. 
Ongoing Collection event. 

- BATTD - 
Ongoing Martian games: Allies Only, No Powers and Wizard Attack.
Deflation no powers starting Sunday. 
Finn Adventure Pack, Character Bundle Pack and Max Adventure Pack on sale. 

- Tower Keepers -
Hero battles rewards x2 and x2 Gem sale.
Ongoing Egg Hunt and Gem Master

- BTD Battles -
Friday: MOAB, MOAB Club - BFB Boosts only, BFB and BFB Cards
Saturday: MOAB, MOAB Card Club - BFB, BFB Club, BFB Card
Sunday: MOAB R15, MOAB Club - BFB, BFB Boosts Only
Monday: MOAB
2x Medallions with Club Access on sale. 

- BMC web and mobile - 
Daily monkey teams with Monkey Knowledge pack on Saturday
Knowledge Pack sale (ancient on mobile too).

- BTD5 -
Preferred Monkeys rotating every 3 hours. 
Pink counting for the leaderboards. Monkey Sub Skin on sale. 

- BSM2 -
Discounted price sale.

- Countersnipe -
Friday: Target Practice event and Stacks of Cash on sale. 
Saturday: 10x Free For All event and Tokens on sale. 
Sunday: Factionless event and Medium XP booster on sale.

Questions from the comments: 

what is the ninjakiwi bird's favorite fruit
You would think it was a kiwi but it’s actually a feijoa! Even though they are gross according to spacemonkey

is bendora canon
We don’t discuss heroes’ dating lives.

Will there ever be sequels to BTDB and BMC but with BTD6 towers and mechanics?
These are quite similar questions so we thought we’d answer them as one…
We can’t talk plans but we really appreciate the interest in Battles 2 and BMC2. Of course it’s something we’ve discussed but there’s simply nothing to say on those topics now. We can tell you that we’re working on a new update to the existing Battles.

Are there any plans of Bloonchipper returning to BTD6 anytime soon?
Not currently!

what is the recipe for a Perma-brew
Alchemists don't like to share their super secret formulas. 

Is there a Superman 64 game equivalent in the monkey universe? If so, how does Supermonkey feel about the game? Do supermonkeys fly through rings?
Yes, but he had stricter approval language in his licensing agreement so it didn’t turn out awful like Superman 64. Think it’s called BSM 64.

Why doesnt supermonkey have eyebrows like the other monkeys?
They have them! They are just hidden under their mask. 

Are there any monkeys out there who've switched sides and joined the Bloons? What about the reverse?
Neither side has ever had anyone defect but there are some monkeys who aren’t for the war…

(You can get this cool design on our merch store here!

Are there any plans for future games to use NK Coins? No point in having 300 coins spare if there will be nothing new to spend them on.
We currently aren’t planning on adding anything new for the NK coins to be spent on. 

can you say anything about sas5 is it in the making or not anything?
Our team is still thinking about SAS5 but there hasn’t been any further progress. 

how do you feel about people making new btd6 ships like obyn x churchill, admiral brickell x striker jones, admiral brickell x captain churchill, ezili x embrittlement, gwendolin x ezili, and benjamin x adora instead of teaching us how to beat half cash mode and chimps
We love the crazy and we’re happy that the community has diverse interests! If you have questions about specific maps on those modes, feel free to post your questions on the Forum, Reddit, or Discord.

Do you have any plans for more ways to get trophies? As it stands, for most of the playerbase races arent usually manageable, at least high placements. Thanks! -Squid
Odyssey is another way for players to get trophies, and the varying difficulties are an effort to make sure everyone can collect some each week. Currently Races and Odysseys are the only ways to get them, as we thought it was important not to sell them. If you are interested in being able to outright purchase trophy store items, give us that feedback.

How did you chose gwens voice, because its so raspy and not womanish. And how old is gwen supposed to be? Also, are skins different monkeys or just different clothes. I think its different monkeys because scientist gwen has a girlie voice than normal gwen.
When we plan out a hero, our design team discusses what kind of voice they want them to have so it's just part of the design work! We go through a voice casting process with the full script, choose the voice, and direct the actors to lean into certain personalities. The skins use the same actors, just reading with a different personality!

Do monkeys (like the sniper or cobra monkeys) need licenses to use guns?
Yes and lots and lots of training! 

do u have all black borders
Not even one. - Sav
You got me there, I've got a few to get still. Here's one of my pages that needs some attention. -Tarn

Do monkeys get harmed by bloons if they come into contact with them
After all these years of fighting back we have to imagine the monkeys have good reasons and healthy survival instincts as the basis for their actions.

Why are there no cubes on the map Cubism? Literally unplayable.
There's the front of a cube right there!

Is there any other weapon Quincy likes to use in his spare time other than his bow?
Sometimes he likes to kick it old school and use darts

How can a dart pop a Bloon without also popping the Bloons inside?
The top layers can be thicker so just one normal dart isn’t enough to get all the way through. Either that or monkey physics just work differently.

If it's called the Blooniverse, does that mean it's the Bloon's universe and the monkeys are invaders?
We called it Blooniverse based after the game name rather than whose universe it is. Monkeyverse just doesn’t roll off the tongue.

What hero ship do you think is the worst and should not exist?
Brickell x Spike Factory. No wait, that’s the best!

If Pat has a crush on Embrittlement does Embrittlement have the same feelings? and why does Pat like Embrittlement?
We would ask Embrittlement but since it is a property and not a thing we don’t even know how to start on the metaphysics and ontological basis for the question. We asked Pat instead and he just gave us a big hug.

1-Out Of all the animals, why did the monkeys choose to pop? 2-Do The Monkeys have friendships and Rivalries With other animals? 3-What are your opinions of the shipping of certain heroes? Are any of those ships cannon? 4-How long will it be until a new sequel or spinoff will be created? Will you focus on BTD6 Or plan to make another game? 5-Will there be any ports? if so, when can we expect them 6-Will there be a Bloons Movie with insane vfx and plot? Answer any 3 of these, if not, all!
1 - Monkeys had to do something with their apparently magical ability to pull darts out of thin air!
2 - Not really, they are pretty organized against the bloons. The BTD5 crew even brings in some of their buddies.
3 - Ship shape!
4 - We will continue to evolve and support BTD6 for a long time yet!
5 - We are looking at some options for BTD6 but there's nothing set in stone!
6 - Nope, we plan to keep our games as games. We would likely make either the most horrendous movie deal or the most horrendous movie evar  :) 

This might be dumb or asked before but will you guys add a monkey v monkey (like btd battles) in btd6?
We aren’t currently planning anything for it! The BTD6 monkeys don’t want to trigger the Battles monkeys - they are so into their MvM.

Where does bloons come from?
We aren’t sure, otherwise we would try and stop them from coming in!

Why do the monkeys not have noses?
Just because you can’t see a thing does not mean that thing does not exist.

Why does the engineer use a crescent wrench instead of a monkey wrench?
We engineered ourselves right out of that pun, didn’t we?

How is everyone at NK doing?
Good! :D Thanks for asking!

Can a DDT sue Led Zeppelin?

That was good. 

What does Ben think of Adora? What does Adora think of Ben?
Adora is kind of unapproachable and their interests don’t align much, but they do both enjoy schawarma. 

What's the monkeys' opinions on the movie Planet of the Apes?
It's a pretty good movie. Planet of the Monkeys is better.

What's the worst question you've received on a blog?
We don’t get bad ones, we love them all. 

so, how bloons have another bloons inside?
Bloons are like onions, and cakes, and ogres.

What was the motivation behind the druid getting the apprentice's tornado path?
Druids were very nature based and lightning felt a great chaotic fit for their style of play. We also love the necro side of wizard and felt that was a great trade. We cleared it all with the Grand Wizard. Ask Finn.

If SAS5 isn't happening any time soon, what about SAS4 2?
Oh well, that is already- waaaiitt… almost got us there.

[insert generic question here]
[Insert amazing, the best answer you have ever received here]

Have a great weekend and happy gaming! 

- Sav and Tarn