News 16 Jun 2017

Hello all of you out there on! Welcome to the blog post for June 16, 2017

Bloons TD Battles 4.4

Want to see what strategies the pros are using? Pulled off an amazing upset that you just have to share? Now you can with Battles TV! Drop in and spectate live games as they happen or check out full replays of completed battles. Bring your A game bloon poppers, the world is watching!

BTD Battles' new update introduces live Battles TV and expansive replay sharing system so you can show off your awesome games and get real game examples of new strategies you might like to try. Battles mobile is free on iOS, Android, Steam, Amazon and Windows devices!


What's Going On This Week?

Tower Keepers: Gathering Storm campaign with very hard enemies as bosses. x2 Hero Battle rewards, Double Gold sale, Paladin skin on sale.

BTD Battles: Sales on Bag and Chest of Medallions and Club Acces with x2 Medallions running simultaneously. Flavors on Friday's MOAB Arena with Random Trios and Random Cards on MOAB Card Club. Sunday with Random Cards on BFB Card Club. New Boomer skin, Club Access on sale!

SAS4 Web: Ongoing M1000 Championship. A8, Laser Drill and Super Alpha LE on sale.

SAS4 Mobile: Apocalypse on Friday, LMS on Saturday with Black Box as reward and Virus Samples on Sunday. Sales on Nantonium, Nightmare Veterans Pack and A8, Laser Drill and Super Alpha LE for sale!

BMC Web and Mobile: Daily Monkey Teams with Knowledge Packs as reward on Sunday. Knowledge packs on sale!

BTD5: Ongoing Totem Event to finish on Monday. Lead bloon pops counting for the leader boards.

BSM2: IAP sale!


NK Meme Competiton Winners

Last week I asked for some NK memes and here are the winners! Each winner got 50 NK coins and a mystery prize in a game of their choice.



glenn m





You are an agent of the Monkey Intelligence Bureau. A ZOMG is heading down Monkey Lane towards the BTD5 Maintenance Team tied to the track. There is a lever that you can pull to divert the ZOMG to a side path, where the BTD6 Development Team is tied to. If you do nothing, the ZOMG will head down the straight path and kill the BTD5 Maintenance Team, leaving BTD5 (across all platforms including BTDB and BMC) with no further update while BTD6 will be developed as scheduled. The BTD6 Development Team promised to make BTD6 as perfect as it can be if they survive. However, if you pull the lever, it will instead head to the side path and kill the BTD6 Development Team, halting the development progress of BTD6 immediately but leaving NK more focused to update BTD5. The BTD5 Maintenance Team promised to continually update BTD5 and all BTD5-based games with bugfixes and new content for the next 10 years if they survive. Do you pull the lever?


Questions from the Comments:

Why was the Massacre Global Event removed from SAS4 web?
We could do another one. Would you like another one?
Are there plans to allow users on mobile to spend NK coins?
Nope, NK coins will only be usable on
How excited are you for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon?
I haven't been caught in the hype this time. I'm excited to see what they can do with a Pokemon game on Switch!
Chocolate chip cookies or a banana split?
Chocolate chip cookies.
Will there ever be a new game in the SAS series?
A while ago someone broke the doorstop to the server room and we had to use the cat door to get into it for a while. Because most of us are a little bigger than house cats we put our crystal ball there to hold the door open. With the crystal ball in use we can no longer see into the future and therefore I can't answer this question for sure.
Why did you stop updating SAS4?
A mixture of things. The platform becoming obsolete and needing to move forward with projects to make sure business continues.
Will you ever have a map drawing contest for BTD5? How about a tower contest?
We did a map drawing contest for mobile which was great, and everyone here is on board for one for web but it will depend on if/when we can get some time for it. I can't see us doing a tower contest any time soon.
Why did you even announce & start working on Endless Adventure in the first place?
As I mentioned before, our crystal ball is being used for something else so we can't see the future ;) Seeing the future helps a lot but even if we aren't sure how things will turn out we have to do something.
Do you still remember what a mamushka is?
Of course :)
Will we ever get a new clan challenge?
Nope, no new Clan Challenges.