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  1. posted an update

    the captain is down and so is the ship

    2018-10-21 21:47:12 UTC
  2. posted an update

    "THERE MAY BE OVER 20 MILLION ILLEGALS IN OUR COUNTRY" (Presidential Candidate Trump, 2015). -He got laughed at by the media, as "there is only 8-11 million." That is a decade and a half old number, here is the current number according to Yale/MIT: 22-30 million. Why am I not surprised that Trump was right again?

    2018-10-22 03:15:15 UTC
  3. posted an update

    tonight comes out the big man, oh yes, oh yes

    2018-10-19 18:43:31 UTC
  4. posted an update

    We had the craziest day at work. first some fool opened this fryer thingy that say "DO NOT OPEN" and it stunk. there was so much smoke. this thing was like that for a long time. The manager said it said do not open and it was like that ever since i been there and she been there for years. and all the stuff been shut down. After all that a cardinal flew in the window. Me and this new manager was the only ones that saw it come in. we didn't know where it went. 4 hours later we found it.

    2018-10-17 03:02:53 UTC
  5. posted an update

    ASVAB Test results came back. I am in the: 91st percentile for Verbal Skills, 99th percentile for Math Skills, and 99th percentile Science and Technical Skills. I am a genius :o

    2018-10-16 16:27:15 UTC
  6. posted an update

    I just hit the back hotkey on accident when following someone I was playing BTD Battles against... fml -.-

    2018-10-17 05:31:37 UTC
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