News 20 Jun 2014

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SAS: Zombie Assault 4 - Daily Rewards and much more!

SAS4 received an update earlier in the week. At the top of the feature list are Daily Rewards. Daily Rewards reward players after their first game each day. You'll be getting Strongboxes, Turrets and SAS4 cash that get progressively better the longer your streak goes.

We also added Elite bosses, some weapon and skill changes as well as the usual slew of bug fixes accompanying each and every update. The game has a full change lop so load it up  now and start earning those Daily Rewards!

Bloons TD 5 Web - Skull Peak and 6 Daily Challenge Vaults

Bloons TD 5 web  received an update today adding the beginner track, Skull Peak. Skull Peak was designed by Adriano Rossi, the winner of our 250k Facebook likes competition and was added to BTD5 Mobile earlier. It's an accessible track for every skill level, with plenty of tower positions to keep the bloons under fire.

The 6 DC Vaults for Dec. 2013 through to May 2014 are also now in the game. A ton of challenging content and Awesome Points up for grabs.

Bloons Monkey City

Captain's log. The date is... June 20th. Still no sign of Contested Territory. We can only hope she wasn't attacked on the road. Still holding on... but... I don't know how much longer we'll last.

Contested Territory is close. Closer than it was last week. But still not here. Not yet.

Some server stuff that I don't quite understand has delayed the as-good-as-ready update. Another tentative "early next week" is our updated ETA. The update itself is looking good and in-shape, but enough things can happen that we can't be sure it'll be out on Monday.


Questions from the Comments

Is it "Nanotonium" or "Nantonium"? (This is for strongboxes in SAS4 if anyone wasn't sure)

It is "Nantonium", so keep thinking of your Nana when you get one.

Can Contested Territory be optional please?

Yep! CT is completely optional. Don't want to participate, you don't have to. Though you'll be missing out on potential city cash.

[In Contested Territory] If you hold it for a day will it give you the full reward or just a portion?

You get nothing (except the accumulated city cash) for holding the territory for one day. The reward is only given out at the end of the week. There can only be one winner, and that winner is whoever held the territory for the most time during the week.

Will there be more maps in Contested Territory?

The map for CT is changed every week, but everyone playing BMC has the same map at any particular time.

Does NK ever plan on converting their games to HTML5 or is Flash here to stay for a few years yet?

We won't be converting any of our games to HTML5 (at least, not likely). But other platforms (HTML5, Unity etc.) are becoming more and more accessible so while current games will continue to hold onto Flash, future games won't necessarily. 

[Game] doesn't work. Can you help?

There are a few good things to do if you're having trouble with a game not working in some way:

1. Wherever and whoever you ask, make sure you say what is happening. The help you need changes depending if the game takes 3 years to load, or loads very quickly but makes your dog run around in circles when it finishes loading. If you don't say what you're seeing, nobody can help outside of a lucky guess.

2. Check the support page (linked at the bottom of every page on the NK site)

3. Email While you will often be able to get help through other places, we can't guarantee that we'll see every post/comment. Because of that, to get assured help, email us at (and remember to tell us what's going on)


So, a couple of game updates next week if everything goes according to plan. Thanks for reading and don't forget to leave a comment if you have anything at all to say.


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