News 23 Jan 2015

It's blog time! And this week that means.... not a whole lot unfortunately.

The SAS Zombie Assault update is still rolling along and next week isn't a bad estimate for its release. Apart from the new, extra difficult thing mentioned in last week's blog, better loot and new ways to power up your SAS guy there isn't much to say without giving it all away.

Before we get to the questions though, I thought it'd be fun to share an outing that most of the NK Auckland team made at the end of last year. As a reward on the last day of work we were all taken out to a nearby forest and shot. Luckily we were only shot with lasers and we earned points from it so it was literally all fun and games.

The teams were arbitrary so besides wanting to fake-kill as many people as possible there wasn't a whole lot of competition... not until the last game mode where one team was tasked with defending a container (a big shipping container, not a lunch box) from an attacking force of laser wielding game developers. We played that game twice, switching sides to make it fair, but neither team managed to captured the container so the whole day ended in a draw.

Afterwards we returned to the office, sweaty, muddy and covered in facepaint to eat pizza and play computer games so it was an all round fantastic day.

We got this sweet picture too:


Questions from the Comments:

If this new [SAS Zombie Assault 4] mode isn't for the light-hearted, will I need to show you a doctor's note?

Yes, you will need a doctor's note before we give out your allotted tickets.

Will mobile SAS 4 get these updates?

It certainly will! No time frame to give out for any of that stuff though.

Discussion about tower and upgrade balance has increased lately (BTD) but we rarely see you talking about this. Could you please give us your thoughts?

While there are certainly some towers that are much better than others, we don't believe that there are currently any tower whose balance drags a game down. Because of that, balance isn't a priority at the moment. We've been thinking about some weaker towers (mainly in Battles) that could use with some love but yeah, not much going on with balance internally right now.

If you'd like a specific view on something let me know and I'll see if I can wrangle an answer together.

Any ideas for a future update to Bloons Monkey City?

We have more ideas for updates than we'll ever be able to use, and that doesn't even include the fan suggestions. There is nothing to announce for BMC yet though.

What does gibbing (level 3 Shotgun mastery) do in SAS4?

Gibbing is a purely visual change. You don't got more power or any such thing like that.

What level requirement do the new SAS4 update things require?

You'll need to be level 35 to participate. (And contrary to the above answer you won't need permission, doctor's or otherwise.)