News 22 Jun 2018

Hi everyone and welcome to the blog post for June 22nd, 2018! If you hadn't heard Bloons TD 6 is available now on the Android and iOS stores. We have had a few quick patches for bugs and suchlike but otherwise the release has been smooth and the excitement we've been feeling from you all has been great! We've got a whole lot of plans for updates and we're excited to share this BTD6 journey with you all.


What's Going On This Week?

Tower Keepers: 2x rewards in Hero Battles. Ongoing Grim Harvest campaign. Double Gold, Necro and Shaman skins on sale!

BTD Battles: BFB on Friday. MOAB, MOAB Club and MOAB Card Club on Saturday. BFB with no bonus and BFB Club on Sunday. Medallions and Mortar skin on sale!

SAS4 web: Ongoing Trident Championship. Epic Pack and Bayonet, RIA 75 and 888 CAW on sale!

SAS4 mobile: Last Man Standing on Friday. Apocalypse on Saturday with Black Strongbox as reward. Virus Samples on Sunday. Nantoniums, Epic Pack and Contagion, Ahab and Calamity on sale!

BMC web and mobile: Daily Monkey Teams with Monkey Knowledge Packs as reward on Saturday. Monkey Knowledge Packs on sale!

Bloons TD 5: Totem event finishing on Friday. Monkey Teams refreshing every 3 hrs on Saturday and Sunday. Red pops counting for the leader boards. Monkey Money and Sub skin on sale!

Bloons Super Monkey 2: Discounted price sale.


Questions from the Comments:

When will we be expecting to see it on other platforms?
No time frame to give, sorry!
Will there be x in BTD6 in the future?
We've got a lot of updates planned, including Heroes, Towers and Challenges. We tend to keep quiet about things so for the most part you'll need to wait for updates to find what we'll be adding. Feedback, suggestions and requests are listened to and discussed though, so keep 'em coming!
Will Bloons TD 5 get any more updates?
There will be more BTD5 updates, yep.
Why were the blimp sprites in BTD6's sandbox mode copied from BMC?
Were they?
Could Ninja Kiwi please announce Tower Keepers bosses slightly ahead of time, so players won't miss out on the lower levels?
We will be alternating between Boss events and week long campaigns, so the schedule should be predictable :) Check on the campaign timer for a countdown (next boss is June 27 at 8am UTC)
Will you ever be able to do stuff with left over monkey XP?
This has been brought up but we haven't got anything to announce around it.
Will the Samsung S8 get full screen support?
It should do now. You may need to check your display settings.
BTD6 is amazing! Well done NK team :) Quick question: Why would I ever want a 0-0-4 Village when free Dart Monkeys at ~$200 each will mean I'll need over 100 rounds worth of free Dart Monkeys to pay it back?
Who doesn't want free Dart Monkeys? But yep, if you're min/maxing cash you may not get that upgrade.
When will Ninja Kiwi quit with the Daily Challenges in BTD5? After 6 years it is not a challenge anymore...
Never! They will continue for eternity (though you may see past ones repeating very soon). No need to play them if you don't want to :)
SAS5 when?
When it hasn't been mentioned for 666 days in a row we will release it.
Are there any plans on any updates for BTD Battles mobile?
Yep! Still got some cool stuff to bring to BTD Battles.


And that's all folks! Enjoy your weekend, leave any comments/questions below and stay awesome!