News 21 Jul 2017

Hello everyone! Welcome to the blog post for July 21st, 2017!

This week we released Bloons TD Battles mobile version 4.5! This updated includes a close encounter of the bloon kind with an all new, Clubs exclusive map: Area 52. This top secret airfield might be ready for an alien invasion but it'll be you who needs to stop your opponent's bloon invasion as it marches along the runway. The previous club only map Bloon Circles is also now available in all modes.


What's Going On This Week?

Tower Keepers: 2x rewards in Hero Battles. Double Gold sale. Cavalier skin on sale.

BTD Battles: BFB on Friday, Random Trio MOAB on Saturday, BFB and BFB Random Cards on Sunday. 2x Medallions for Bag and Chest. UFO skin on sale!

SAS4 Web: Ongoing Trident Championship finishing on Tuesday. Planet Stormer, WPX Incinerator and HIKS A10 on sale.

SAS4 Mobile: Virus Samples on Friday, Apocalypse on Saturday with Black Box as reward and Virus Samples on Sunday. Epic Pack, Nantoniums and Ricochet, CM 352 and CM 467 on Sale.

BMC web and mobile: Daily Monkey Teams with Knowledge Packs as reward on Sunday. Knowledge Packs on sale.

BTD5: Weekend long Bloonvasion event. Ongoing bosses followed by Totem Event on Saturday. Green and Yellow pops counting for the leader boards.

BSM2: All IAPs on sale!


Ninja Kiwi Cosplay Competition!

This week I want to see some Ninja Kiwi Cosplay! You can go all out or get creative with things you can find around you. You don't need to dress up as a particular character, you can incorporate themes from any Ninja Kiwi game into some outfit. Once you've got your cosplay together, get a photo showing off your extreme skills and/or creativity and post it below with your game of choice.

This prize is: 200 NK coins and a mystery prize for a game of your choice

Please pick from the following:
BTD5, BMC, SAS4 web
Battles, BMC, SAS4, Tower Keepers, Fortress Destroyer mobile

Include your mobile User ID if you're wanting a prize for mobile.


One entry per person
Terms apply
Entries must be in before midday (12pm), Friday 28th of July (New Zealand time)
If you would like a forum title change please include that in your entry.
Good luck!


Questions from the Comments:

Does that mean this is false then?
It was safe to say it back then, though Tower Keepers could get AP once it's on It will depend on how hurdle-some the hurdles are for implementing the login system.
When will the next [event] be/have [particular rewards]?
Events are only set up a bit ahead of time so I usually can't see these. If you're wanting a particular event and/or it hasn't come up it's best to get in contact with us to request them :)
If you were allowed to choose one animal to protect yourself, which one would you choose?
A Gorilla
Why aren't there any left-handed monkeys?
In Battles TV, will there ever be a setting to see how many people are watching you, and for those watching to send emoticons?
I don't think we'd let watchers send emoticons to players but viewers is good.
Are you planning to make BTD Battles for Xbox?
Not currently.
Did you know that there are now over 2,000 BTD5 web Daily Challenges? Any thoughts on that milestone?
I did! :) It's awesome to see. All my thanks go to those suggesting Daily Challenges and the players who played and let us keep making them for so long. Here's to 3,000! (maybe not)
Why is Arctic Wind a tier 3 upgrade and Viral Frost tier 4 and just as expensive?
Because Arctic Wind is badass.
Does the Zerfallen only deal half damage to bosses?
That's what it says on the packet :) They'll take half damage twice if you can get the explosion to hit them.