Game Update 28 Aug 2013
Bloons TD 5 Web has just received an update.

Three new tracks complete with requisite Acheivements and Monkey Money rewards.

Fireworks is a beginner track with an explosion shaped path, plenty of space for towers and pretty chared marks from fireworks or something.
Country Road is an intermediate track with a wide central area and a circular path. Bloons have four entrances and exits that they change each round, so make sure to plan for rounds ahead with your tower placement. Country Road is also available in Co-op Mode so make sure to team up with a friend and show the bloons what for.
Tunnels is an expert track where bloons weave in and out of tunnels in the hillock. Bloons will only be out of cover for moments at a time so your towers will need to put in some extra work on this track.

Also, for the first time ever, you can work with your clan to boost your clan's overall Awesome Points. Simply beat Country Road on Easy 5,000 times for your clan to be given 50,000 Awesome Points!
Holy Moly! That's a lot of points. All clans can complete this challenge so get playing! If you need more info, or want to see some other cool stuff check out this page:

Along with the three new tracks there have been some balance changes to and quite a few bug fixes.

Ice Monkey:
  • Reduce attack cooldown from 2.43 to 2.1
  • Allow the snap freeze upgrade to pop frozen bloons (not white bloons, but frozen bloons, makes it much better)
  • Increase pierce to 50 from 40
Spike Factory:
  • MOAB SHREDR upgrade increase moab damage multiplier to 4 from 3
  • MOAB SHREDR upgrade decrease cost to 3000 from 5000
  • Flash Bomb upgrade increase pierce to 60 from 30
  • Flash Bomb upgrade increase radius of blast to 120 from 100
Tack Shooter:
  • Ring of Fire upgrade reduce reload speed to 0.43 from 0.52
Monkey Buccaneer:
  • Destroyer upgrade reduce reload time to 0.14 from 0.17
  • Cannon Ship upgrade reduce reload time to 1.3 from 1.54
  • Deadly Precision upgrade reduce cost to 4000 from 7500
Regen Bloons
  • Regen bloons no longer give extra cash or XP above what a non-regen version of the bloon would give
Notable Bug Fixes
  • Extra, unnecessary lag caused by Neva-Miss Monkey Aces is gone
  • 2|3 Monkey Aces' pineapples now pop camo/camo-lead bloons
  • Fixed extreme lag in freeplay rounds (generally 95+)

Jump in now and give 'em a go! Leave a comment!