News 30 Jan 2015

Welcome to the blog. This week was only four days long for us here in Auckland and so is next week. This means you'll be getting next week's post on our Thursday (so for some of you it'll be Wednesday) and you should submit your questions with that in mind (ie, earlier, if you were going to wait till Thursday (or Friday). With no solid new things to talk to you about I'm going to go over some possibilities for a certain Monkey vs. Monkey/Honor system in Bloons Monkey City.

Firstly, however, I'll touch on the SAS Zombie Assault 4 update and Bloons Monkey City Android. SAS4 web's update is super, super close. So close that we almost had it ready for this week. Unfortunately issues kept on rearing their ugly heads and caused us to delay. All of us are aiming for a Monday/Tuesday update though this isn't set in stone yet. Monkey City Android, though not encountering the same sort of delays is pretty close itself. We want these in your hands, but we also want them to work properly for you.

Bloons Monkey City - Have You No Honour?

A while ago... a long while ago, the MvM and Honor system was called out for not working well. We made some changes that we found helped a bit for MvM in general, but City Honor has continued to be a sticking point for players. I promised that there were changes, and there will be changes, but it has taken us a long time to get these out. This is simply for the reason that the system worked generally how we wanted it to, it just didn't allow players to achieve certain AP in real world situations. There was a disconnect because MvM wasn't played as much because of these problems, so we were focusing on things that were played more which meant MvM didn't get fixed so that people would play it.

Anyway. After another discussion about changes I'm still not able to give you a time-frame, but I can give you our thoughts on what changes we'll make. If you've played MvM in Bloons Monkey City mobile, our proposal is to essentially use the same system we've set up there.

For those who haven't played it, here's a basic outline:

  • To send an attack you need at least 100% of your Bloontonium cap, and 100% of your Bloontonium cap will be used.
  • Sending an attack will guarantee you receive City Honor and City Cash.
  • There is no way for you to lose City Honor when sending an attack.
  • The amount of Honor/Cash you get depends on how much the defender struggles with the attack.
  • When defending an attack you can retry as much as you want (no Bloonstone or Cash cost)
  • The only way for you to lose Honor is if you give up on defending the attack.
  • You gain a set amount of Honor when you succesfully defend the attack, no matter how many attempts you take.
  • If you give up, the attacker gets more Honor/Cash. The more attempts you take to beat the attack, the more Honor/Cash the other player gets. If you manage to beat it in the first go, the attacker only gets a small amount of Honor/Cash.
  • Salvaged Bloontonium can let you send revenge attacks without using so much (or in some cases any) of your Bloontonium stock.


One thing that requires pointing out is that the numbers you're earning will be smaller than they are currently. You may get 2 Honor for an attack if the other player beats it, just 10 Honor for a defend win (and in this scenario you'd lose 2 Honor if you gave up). It is however a system that rewards you for participating, even working with friends, and doesn't punish you at many points. Most importantly you can grind it out and get those high AP achievements that were previously out of reach for a lot of people.

There will be a difference in sending attacks. Each attack will be fully powered but we currently don't have plans to introduce the special wave types that mobile has. This could require some playing around with attack sending to give the player back some input.

Lastly, this has no relation to the current MvM system at all. It's so different that it's possible that we will remove any current Honor you have. If we do this we will not remove Honor achievements already earned.

So, I'd love to have your feedback.

This system is not implemented in the web version at all yet. Because it's only mobile it means we still have to build it from the ground up. This means that we want your feedback about this so we can make web focused changes if there's something you suggest that we think would make it better.

The best way to do this is probably to create a thread (only one thread, check to make sure someone else didn't do it already) on the forums so discussion can be tracked more easily.


Questions from the Comments:

Hmm, only one lady in that picture. What's up with that?

All the other ladies were away or perhaps didn't like the idea of running around getting muddy

Will you ever add a new Agent or Mission to BTD5 web?

Agents or Special Missions are more unlikely than new modes (which we hope to get in one day) but nothing is technically ruled out.

Will there be an Ice Station Map Master achievement?

Nope (repeat answer but hey)


Thanks for stopping by everyone. Please leave your questions or comments for us below and I'll see you here again in 6 days.