News 30 May 2014

And so another week has passed us by. SAS: Zombie Assault 4 is being kneaded into shape, getting ready for more content and features, while a highly trained team of monkeys is washing our cars while we work away, out of the cold, to make all the other things you've been waiting for, and some other things you won't know are on their way until you do know...

But we'll talk about that then, this is now. Let's jump in!

Wheel of Fate

Many moons ago a question was raised about the prizes on the Wheel of Fate, and the possibility that perhaps some weren't particularly good. An answer was given a while back and just two days ago the Wheel of Fate was changed forever.

As well as some tweaking to existing rewards like Blop Cash and SAS Cash (for SAS:Zombie Assault TD), we've added Bloonstones (for Bloons Monkey City), SAS4 Cash packs and SAS4 Strongbox Packs. You'll also find more varied rewards, as well as minor bug fixes to make the wheel's spinning action a bit smoother.

If you've got some spins, now's the time to use them.

Another Interview?

A couple weeks back we had an interview with the somewhat newly minted spool. We got good feedback about that and more than one of you have asked for more interviews so you can get to know the individuals that make up Ninja Kiwi.

If that sounds a bit alright, leave a comment below. Better yet, if you have an interviewee in mind, let us know. And yet more betterer again than that, if you have a question burning in your heart, it would mean the world to us if you would jot it down on a post beneath this blog.

And now for an unfomtarably large amount of comments that I will comment on.


Hi :)

Will SAS4 get new weapons and armour?

We hope to add lots and lots of new stuff to the game.

Will there be Private Matches in SAS4?

There certainly will be.

Will there be different colours beside [RED]?

There are at least two other colours I can think of in the real world, but as to whether we'll ever use them to describe something in SAS4... I couldn't tell you.

Will the Portal Artefact be in the next BMC update?


Any news about updates to BTD5?

Watch this space.

How do you get more turrets in SAS4?

Run around, shoot zombies, find loot, ????, more turrets.

A question about BTD5: Ninjas. Glaive Lords. Neva Miss.

The Ninja targetting bug has been around for longer than the other two (maybe forever?). Ninjas are probably too good anyway... Still not sure when the other two will be sorted unfomturantly.

Are there plans for an update or improvements to the forums in general?

Yes! Very much so. We're not happy with the way the new forums work at the moment and there is steady work being done to make them more usable and generally nicer to look at. It's very likely that these sort of changes will just appear one day, but that day is a little too far away to accurately guess at present.

BMC update?

Stay strong. Not too many days now. I would be surprised if you had to wait more than a week, but the world is ever changing so plans must change similarly.

Will there be duel pistols in SAS4?

At this point there are no plans to have duels in SAS4.

Please let us know when SAS4 is out on Android and iOS (among other things).

Try and stop us!

What is TBC?

The next BTD5 update release date is TBC

There is no way SAS is cooler than the Marine Corps.


Is Down the Drain on the mobile version possible on Impoppable Mode?


Will SAS4 ever get Daily Challenges of sorts like BTD5?

Not in the same way, no. Regularly changing, unique gameplay is something we really like though, so expect something that approaches DC's. Custom daily stuff is very unlikely.

Will there possibly be more maps added to SAS4?

Very possibly. The wording you pointed out wasn't a coincidence...

I love you Aaron xD

And I love you, BoomerangFTW


Well that's me. Thanks for reading, leave your comments and have a great weekend.