News 16 May 2014

This week, SAS: Zombie Assault 4 was quietly released.

For those of you who weren't aware, click this picture to take you to the game.

SAS: Zombie Assault 4

A soft release means we can better handle the influx of players, make sure that our server scaling is working as it should and more smoothly announce the game when we're happy. This is just another step in a series of announcements to open the game up to a wider player base. There's a lot to say about SAS4, but for now you should just go play it.

A small notice:

We've just updated our privacy policy. Nothing big, just a few changes to keep it up to date with new site and game stuff. Have a look if your interested.

Future things:

Every week there's a few questions asking when the next update for x game is, if y game will get a sequel of if there's any news on z. Sometimes there's something to say and I'll say that, but if you don't see a reply it means the reply would be something along the lines of "there's no ETA," or "that's not something we're thinking about yet," or "no changes since we last mentioned it."

Of course you won't know if your question fits that; I'm not saying this to stop the questions, just letting y'all know in case you were wondering why there was no answer. Keep asking if it's no hassle to you, there will probably be an answer eventually.

One tidbit of info about Bloons Monkey City is that we're very close to a release candidate for the next update. We're just tidying up presentation but are able to fully test the stuff in the update and it's shaping up to be a lot of fun... along with getting some things in-line with feedback we've been seeing about the game.

Questions from the comments:

Any plans for SAS4 Mobile?

Yes, there will be a portable version of SAS4. It's a long way into development, though there's no ETA for it yet.

Why are we seeing Mark of Honor/Awesome updates now?

There was a bug that stopped it happening at the beginning of the week as it would normally. You were seeing it when we finally got it running.


Thanks for reading folks!