News 06 Aug 2018

Hey everyone! It's Tarn again.

Welcome to the Ninja Kiwi blog for 6th August, 2018! 

What's been going on this week?

This week has been awesome! We were lucky enough to be able to head over to the New Zealand Game Developers Conference (NZGDC) where game developers from all over the country gathered together and talked about anything and everything related to game development. What worked, what didn't work and most importantly, how we can improve, not only as developers but on a global scale. It's truly amazing to see how game development is growing so fast within New Zealand and we have all you amazing folks that play our games to thank for that! 

We were also lucky enough to have our CM leader (Sam) make the extremely long trip from the Dundee office to our NZ office for the week. It was really great to meet him and learn from him. A lot of learning this week, hence why the blog was a little late. 

A quick recap on what's been happening with some of our games. Development for BAT TD is going strong as usual. We will continue the soft launch for another month or two so we can squash as many bugs as possible and make sure the game is performing the best it can. We've been working on some really exciting harder challenges for you all along with another content update not too far in the distant future. Bloons TD Battles had a major update.(v5.0) introducing the new Ninja Kiwi Open tournament. While the first qualifier rounds won't kick off until August 16th, you can still work towards getting the 3000 required tokens to enter the tournament and hone some of your strategies in preparation for your chance at fame and glory!

I also want to point out the users on Reddit have been making some serious strides to completing #OUCH on CHIMPS mode. At the current time of writing this blog, the highest report I've seen is up to wave 63. You can check that out here and contribute if your heart desires so. 

*Above:Photo from NZGDC

Oh! I almost forgot to mention, a few of us did a live AMAA (ask me almost anything) for the Reddit community reaching 10,000 members! 

Link to the AMA on youtube

Questions from the comments:

It's very sad to see a lack of development for Steam, I guess I'll just have to wait 7 months like for Tower Keepers
A lot of work goes into making a game compatible for Steam. It's isn't a single click process, not only that but it makes sense to continue pushing out content and fixing bugs right now. 

What will happen to SAS 4 web when flash is discontinued?
We'll do our best to make as many games available once flash is discontinued. We do care about you and want you all to continue enjoying our games for as long as possible. 

Estimate how many people thought Gwendolin was a guy at first?
I did.

If a pirate became a robot, would it be a row-bot or a sea-borg?
Not pirot or robate?

When new heroes came?
The latest hero released was Captain Churchill.

BTD6 not for flash :( feels batman
Flash is going to be discontinued in 2020. They weren't even planning on releasing the last update but decided to for security reasons. 

Do you think Striker Jones is jealous of Churchill because he gets to use a tank AND a machine gun while S. Jones only gets a bazooka?
Who is Striker Jones? I'd prefer to have a tank and a machine gun!

Churchill was a great addition, thanks for spending so much time adding and balancing him! He's hard to get in early game but he's really strong. Good work!
I'll let the devs know! 


For a bit of fun, let me know in the comments below what your favorite gaming moment was and why it has become your favorite or simply just ask a question, and I'll do my best to answer!