News 05 Jul 2018

Hi everyone and welcome to the blog post for July 5th, 2018!

This week we had some game loading issues on the site which have been fixed, as well as a first attempt at making SAS4 web work with the new Flash player. Unfortunately trying to make changes to SAS4 is as awkward as we thought it would be and the fix is going to take more time to get right. We will be putting the previous version back up for now and hope that your fantastic patience will hold up a little longer. BTD6 development continues; squashing bugs, optimizing performance and getting the first content update ready for release. BATTD and Battles mobile development continues on the NK EU end, though still nothing further to announce around them.



Questions from the Comments:

Can we have the Meerkat Spy back as a power?
No plans for this (or any other agent) but there is a Camo Trap Power which can be used for early camo detection.
Will Ninja Kiwi ever port current Flash games to Unity?
It's not something we see happening.
Will more information ever be available within Bloons TD 6? About Alternate Rounds, CHIMPS, top round leader boards etc?
We will get more information across the game though I'm not sure about anything specifically.
Why Does the Torment cost forty dollars?
It's a powerful weapon, it's badass, and/or a way to support us, which is appreciated muchly.
When will the Temple of Terror campaign return to Tower Keepers?
Sooner than you imagined!
Who is better at Bloons TD 5, Rohan or Aaron?
Rohan :)
Why would NK spend time getting SAS4 web running for players who suddenly could not play the game when they had said there wouldn't be more updates for SAS4 web?
Our hand was forced by Adobe changing Flash. We would have preferred to not have to spend that time on SAS4 web, but it is what it is. Remember we care a lot about you (our players) and our games, even if we can't continue developing everything.
If it's your last blog post, what will be the last question you answer?
This one, I guess. Unless I answer more in the comment section.


Thank you for stopping by everyone! This is going to be my last blog post as I will be leaving my role at Ninja Kiwi tomorrow to go wandering around the world a little. I've made sure to leave you in good hands and you'll hear more from others on the team now that I'm not hogging everything :) It has been a pleasure to be part of this community with you all and I will miss getting to interact with you as my job every day. I can't thank you enough for entertaining me each week in the hopes of learning something about our current or future games and I hope you love what Ninja Kiwi has in store for you (I know you will). Stay awesome!