News 15 Jun 2018

Hello all and welcome to the blog post for June 15, 2018!

In the early hours of June 14 Bloons TD 6 was released to Android and iOS. Since then we've been delighted with discussion around the game, excited that the game is topping charts around the world, proud of our work as a team, and immensely grateful to all of you for loving Bloons TD games (nearly) as much as us. We hope you continue to engage with us on the forums, Discord, Reddit and other social media so we can deliver the best BTD experience conceivable by monkey and mankind.

The whole team is now off to dinner to celebrate!


Questions from the Comments:

How is my Bloons TD 6 data saved?
Bloons TD 6 uses our mobile account system like Battles, SAS4, BMC etc. That means that as long as you have an account and have played connected to the internet we have your data safe on our servers. That also means you can log into the same account on any other platform (just iOS and Android for now, other platforms in future) and have your progress there too.
If I buy Bloons TD 6 on one platform, will I have to purchase it again on another platform?
Is there Co-op Mode in Bloons TD 6?
Not at launch.
Why isn't the game being released on other platforms sooner?
We want to deliver the best experience we can and that means not spreading ourselves too thin.
Will Bloons Super Monkey 2 receive any more updates?
More updates aren't ruled out, but there aren't any planned.
What will happen to SAS4 web now that the Flash 30 update broke the game?
We are working on a version that will run with the latest Flash Player. No ETA on when we'll have this ready.
Will you update BMC and BTD Battles with the new graphics etc. of Bloons TD 6?
Nope, it's not feasible plus we still like how those games look :)
Will Bloons TD 6 be released on the Amazon App Store?
As with BTD5 it will be something we'd like to get done during the game's life.
Will Bloons TD 6 have human created Daily Challenges at some point?
They already are! We've got limited options to create them which we will continue to expand, but every Daily Challenge in BTD6 has been thought up by someone at NK (as of this blog post).
Why did they remove the Engineer, Bloonchipper, Mortar, Dartling and Road Spikes?
As the game is built from the ground up they were never there to be removed, but rather would need to be added. We will have lots of new content in updates so you'll have to see what we bring! There are Road Spikes in the powers menu, but you'll have to use strategy to save yourself from runaway bloons.
Why does the Ghoul in Tower Keepers always look angry?
I don't know, why does the Ghoul in Tower Keepers always look angry?
Is there a corner of shame for anyone in the NK office that wasn't able to do CHIMPS difficulty?
There isn't a corner big enough to fit us all. So perhaps a "completed CHIMPS corner" which is still fairly empty.
You've previously confirmed that at NK you pronounce SAS as a word instead of the letters [most of the time], but how about MIB?
We would say Em Eye Bee for that, interestingly.


Thank you for reading! We hope to see you on the battlefield, but either way, have a great weekend, be excellent and I'll see you next time!