News 28 Jul 2017

Hi everybody! This is the blog post for July 28th, 2017! We released Tower Keepers on Kongregate this week and updates for Tower Keepers, Battles, Bloons TD 5 mobile and Bloons Super Monkey 2 are in development. Without much else to say let's get right to it!


Tower Keepers - Kongregate

The first web version of Tower Keepers is now live on Kongregate! This version uses your Kongregate account and mobile data cannot be transferred over to Kongregate, nor the other way around. Kongregate's player base and account system was a major factor in this first attempt at a WebGL release, which is likely to be the main platform for web games moving forward. So far so good, and we're excited to get more people playing Tower Keepers!


What's Going On This Week?

Tower Keepers: 2x Rewards for Hero Battles, Double Gems Sale, Berserker Skin on sale.

BTD Battles: BFB on Friday, MOAB on Saturday, BFB and BFB Random Cards on Sunday. Club Access and new Navy Buccaneer skin on sale.

SAS4 web: Apocalypse and Bounties on Friday, Virus Samples on Saturday with a Boss Bounty for alloy, Last Man Standing on Sunday with full boosts as rewards. Epic Pack and Ricochet, CM 352 and CM 467 on sale.

SAS4 mobile: VS on Friday, LMS on Saturday with Black Strongbox as reward and Apoc on Sunday. Nightmare Veterans Pack, Nantoniums and Vitriol, Ronson 5x5 and CM 0Kelvin on sale.

BMC web and mobile: Weekend long Bloontonium Meltdown. Daily Monkey Teams with Knowledge Packs as reward on Saturday. Wildcard packs on sale!

BTD5: Weekend long Bloonvasion event. Ongoing totem event followed by Golden Bloon on Saturday. Black and White bloon pops counting for the leader boards.

BSM2: 2x Blops Multiplier


Ninja Kiwi Cosplay Competition Results!


Last week I asked for some Ninja Kiwi cosplay for a prize in coins and mystery-ness, and here is the winner!



And three honorable mentions with 50 NK coins and a bonus prize.

Polish Power



and the rare and mysterious, Black Strongbox and Key, by Swegen


Thank you for your entries!




Questions from the Comments:

Please offer a proper answer.
Hey, flippant remarks can be proper answers :( The case with the Arctic Wind upgrade being tier 3 and just as expensive as the tier 4 upgrade... It's a good upgrade so it costs as much. So, "Because Arctic Wind is badass" :)
Will BTD5 towers be getting any balance changes?
There aren't any plans for any at the moment.
Does that mean when Tower Keepers comes to it won't be connected to our current NK account?
Nope, it will likely connect to your NK account similarly to how it works in the Kongregate version.
Hello, BTD6?
BTD6 here, how may I help you?
Any chance of dropping a tonne of Championships on us?
I've asked, so watch your head!
What gave NK the idea of Awesome Points?
I'm not sure if the Awesome or the Points came first, but it's a fairly standard achievement points type system :)
What % of daily active payers in SAS4 are from Kongregate?
Why did you stop updating SAS4?
Because updates take time and we have limited time available (human hours) and at this time our time can be spent better on other projects.
When will the team officially stop posting updates for BTD5 web?
No end in sight at the moment. I expect small track/vault updates will go for at least another year, though all of that depends on the various happenings at Ninja Kiwi.
SAS5 or BTD6. Which one do you think would be better?
Assuming all things are the same, a hypothetical SAS5 would come out after BTD6 so would be better. Though I tend to enjoy the bloons games more so BTD6.
Who designed the Hardplate armour?
Warwick or Stacy we think, though neither work here now :(

And that's all we've got time for this week. Enjoy the games and events, give someone a smile to brighten their day and I'll see you back here next week!