BTD6 - #OUCH CHIMPS Black Border Guide

Hey guys, here's my #ouch chimps black border guide. I tried to find a strategy that very little RNG, making it a lot easier to black border this map. Also credits to jajajosh for figuring out the early rounds after the 3.0 update. I basically copied his strategy until about round 30 or so. Also for the guide, try your best to place your towers almost exactly where I placed mine, to have the least amount of RNG. Might start posting more if this video does well, also let me know if you guys want anymore guides for certain maps in the comments, and i’ll gladly make them. GUIDE *please note that none of the abilities I used were actually necessary, except for on 42 and 99, I was just playing it safe* R6 - Make sure all your dart monkeys are in the EXACT spots that I put them. With this new method they have to be placed basically pixel perfect, so if you are dying in the first couple rounds it is due to your placement, so just restart and place them again R7 - top left dm to 001, bottom right dm to 001 mid round as soon as you can afford it, and then quickly switch the top left dm from first strong R8 - upgrade top left dm to 011, and change him to first. This is one of the trickiest rounds of the whole run, so don't get discouraged if you keep losing. R9 - place a new dm in the bottom left of the map. Make sure there is a tiny space between the bottom track, and the feet of the dm. Make sure top left dm is on strong. R10 - dm in top right of pool area. Set to strong, as well as the one to it's left and below it. Micro bottom left dm from first to strong as soon as you snipe the final red coming from the top path above him, or as soon as you hit about 175 cash. R12 - Buy sniper R13 - dm bottom right R14 - top left dm to 021 R15 - top left dm to 031, have every single dm set to strong except for bottom right, and have sniper on first. R16 - Ninja at the right of the pool, upgrade to 201 R17 - Ninja at left of the pool, upgrade to 201 R28 - Sniper to 101, set to strong R31 - upgrade right ninja to 301 R32 - place quincy midround R35 - right ninja to 301, aswell as sniper to 102. upgrade left ninja to 302 midround. R36 - Use quincy's ability for first wave of pinks, for the next to rounds micro the ninja from strong to first, as I do in the video R37 - Upgrade sniper to 202 R39 - Upgrade sniper to 302 R40 - Place a 012 ice tower where the ceramics from the moab come out. R41 - Upgrade top left dm to 302, aswell as upgrade left ninja to 302 R42- Quincy’s ability and pray for good caltrop RNG. Shouldn’t be a problem though. R43 - upgrade bottom left dm to 031 R46 - Remove water, aswell as buy a 002 village and place a super monkey a bit to the left where the pool used to be. Also buy 200 alchemist and make sure it is buffing the super monkey. Upgrade alchemist to 300 and 400 as soon as you can afford the upgrades. R50 - Upgrade supermonkey to 101 R51 - Upgrade supermonkey to 102 R52 - Upgrade supermonkeys to 202 midround as soon as you can R55 - Buy 202 village to the left of the other one. R57 - Buy another supermonkey to the right of the other one, upgrade to 220 R63 - For the first wave of ceramics place 012 ice tower exactly where i placed him on the top right path going up and down. Also place another 000 ice tower next to the grouped ceramics coming from the top left to right path. For the second wave do the same thing. For wave 3 just use quincy’s arrows. R65 - Upgrade left supermonkey to 203 and upgrade alchemist to 402. R76 - Upgrade right supermonkey to 320 R78 - Upgrade right village to 022 R80 - Buy 203 helipilot in range of both villages R81 - Upgrade helipilot to 204 R87 - Upgrade helipilot to 205 midround R89 - Upgrade left village to 032, aswell as buy a 301 alchemist buffing the helipilot R91 - Upgrade alchemist to 400 R93 - Buy 040 ninja and use quincy’s arrows for the DDTs just in case R95 - Buy 2 020 villages in between both sets of tracks, and then buy 2 013 glue gunners in range of those villages. Use Sabotage ability at start of round just to be safe. R98 - Buy 3 030 alchemists in range of the villages R99 - Use Sabotage ability R100 - You can basically do whatever you want for this round as your setup is already more than enough to beat the BAD. zoomed in screenshot of the top left dart monkey:

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