I am the Eggroll dude who likes ponies, and has an epic power level of over 9000!!! RAINBOW DASH IS DA BEST PONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • 42 Current Level Clan Master Level 42
  • Awesome 22805 This Week 0 Next Level 1695
  • Dark-matter Clan Dark Matter
  • Marks of Awesome 2
  • Marks of Honor 174
  1. Achievement Unlocked!

    The_Silent_One earned the Gold Champion I Achievement in SAS4

    2019-07-17 05:20:44 UTC
  2. Achievement Unlocked!

    LordofKaon earned the Air Dervish Nemesis Achievement in Bloons Monkey City

    2019-07-16 12:02:29 UTC
  3. posted an update

    bro i got banned from a discord for rolling up 2 piss drunk

    2019-07-13 04:15:01 UTC
  4. posted an update

    the collapse of the west is imminent

    2019-07-13 23:48:41 UTC
  5. posted an update

    my mouth done got infected so im gonna drink a lot of vodka and hope it goes away

    2019-07-11 22:45:33 UTC
  6. posted an update

    Well, fortress destroyer stopped working again, and even topper's workaround doesn't work anymore. So, I guess, it's time to finally retire, on 51755 AP. It's been a wild ride, and I really love this community. Thanks everyone for making my time here enjoyable.

    2019-07-08 06:47:18 UTC
  7. posted an update

    guys dont use condoms. they teleport ur sperm to government facilities and they use them to grow chimera babies in test tubes and then harvest their organs (particularly brain) and use it to store all the data they get surveying u

    2019-07-07 20:43:26 UTC
  8. posted an update

    im an elite sas4 gamer

    2019-07-07 14:59:20 UTC
  9. posted an update

    yall btd6 coop is whack, aint no way 2 talk 2 ur homies in the game :(

    2019-07-03 16:41:53 UTC
  10. posted an update

    if u cant figure out which restroom to use go outside #4thofjuly #freedomisntfree

    2019-07-04 16:01:57 UTC
  11. Achievement Unlocked!

    LordofKaon earned the Trick Or Treat Co-op Olympian Achievement in Bloons TD 5

    2019-07-05 02:47:26 UTC
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