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  1. posted an update

    let me tell yall bout the auto blowger. its when u go to kroger, curl up on ur back so ur lined up right, get ur d!ck out, and crash the whip so the airbags go off so ur d!ck gets thrown into ur mouth and u can suck urself off and give urself a blowger

    2020-11-20 19:34:43 UTC
  2. Achievement Unlocked!

    Kopatcheka earned the Ultimate Badass Achievement in SAS4

    2020-11-20 01:34:43 UTC
  3. posted an update

    yeah im high like a vet off the ket bout to jet
    tell a b!tch its some blow she a ho she don't know

    2020-11-17 16:14:33 UTC
  4. Venix75

    Dark-matter 15-countersnipe 41
    Achievement Unlocked!

    Venix75 earned the Swamp Thing Nemesis Achievement in Bloons Monkey City

    2020-11-19 03:22:33 UTC
  5. Venix75

    Dark-matter 15-countersnipe 41
    posted an update

    can you be "woke" in your dreams, truely that is the apex of the wokening other than eating cerael made of cyaniade pills

    2020-11-16 21:36:37 UTC
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