Offical Lord of da krakens m8. #Extreemebloonpopping/zabiekillingaction

  • 36 Current Level Lord of Fire Level 36
  • Awesome 12660 This Week 0 Next Level 40
  • Blue-wolves Clan Blue Wolves
  • Marks of Awesome 1
  • Marks of Honor 86
  1. Achievement Unlocked!

    greenforce earned the Blastapopoulos Sarcophagus Achievement in Bloons Monkey City

    2020-05-28 15:26:58 UTC
  2. posted an update

    jeffery epsteins friends released this virus

    2020-05-26 18:24:26 UTC
  3. posted an update

    ret4rded pus5y like a vegetable, put it on my pizza. crippled b1tches on my d1ck, but only for the visa

    2020-05-18 23:43:20 UTC
  4. posted an update

    shoutout general grevious for having enough hands to choke himself, check his prostate, and choke himself somemore while he beats his wuggy

    2020-05-21 21:16:58 UTC
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