News 29 May 2015

This week I was followed around by a Battlecruiser without any weapons. That's him up the top. Following me around, not helping, not even driving properly...


Fortress Destroyer - You can help us make it!

Fortress Destroyer, the new game from Ninja Kiwi (the creators of smash hit Bloons TD 5) is in "beta" at the moment. We would really love for you to play it and give us feedback if you've got feedback to give. If you're interested you can send us your email through the following form:

Fortress Destroyer Beta Form Link

We'll keep sending out logins for anyone who wants to play while the game is up and playable. Tell your friends, tell your parents, tell your cat!

BTD5 and Battles Mobile updates!

Update 2.16 for BTD5 and 2.4 for Battles has hit the shelf. If you'd like to know more, watch the following video:




Bloons Monkey City Web - Difficulty changes

A BMC update this week introduced a few balance changes alongside a server update. The two changes related to difficulty are:

1) An extra ring of tiles has been added to all cities (old and new) after the circle of Pink tiles. This basically pushes out the difficulty by one, allowing the younger cities amongst you to spread out a bit easier, lowering the difficulty.

2) The cash reduction per pop formula (you earn less money as you get to higher waves in a tile) has been changed. The change evens out the difficulty so that instead of getting much harder then going easier again at a certain tile difficulty, the difficulty increases smoothly. Earlier levels are easier and later levels are a bit harder. We don't have any plans to change this again before seeing how it plays out for everyone.

The last change was to the Mortar ability, Pop and Awe, and its affect on DDTs. DDTs are now stunned for .5 seconds, the same as ZOMG bloons. This is a reduction from the 3 seconds it was before.

Forum Update Update

Some unfortunate news to share today. Due to some changes at Ninja Kiwi, the planned update to incorporate new forums into the site is now on hold. That means the current forums will stay current for the foreseeable future.

Questions from the Comments:

Will Fortress Destroyer have AP?

Will it ever!

If you were limited to one contract for the rest of your SAS4 playing life, what would it be?

I'd choose Hotspot at the moment, just because it's so straightforward.

Are you guys going to about Battle for the Galaxy web on the next blog?

Nope, no info about that yet.

Have a great weekend!



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