Here's a little bit of information about me: Age: ????????????? Weight: ??????????? Email Address: ????? Number of posts: ???? Location: "It's a secret to everybody." ___________________ Hi! I like playing the bloons games, but I also play Nintendo games a lot.

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  1. posted an update

    rap is sinful poison. discuss

    2018-07-14 23:27:05 UTC
  2. tytu

    Dark-matter Btd5_bomb 37
    posted an update

    If life is meaningless without an eternal afterlife with God, then shouldn't that afterlife also be meaningless, following the same logic?

    2018-07-10 17:41:42 UTC
  3. posted an update

    sas4 still wont load

    2018-07-09 01:59:45 UTC
  4. Voltix

    Black-cobras 45-batmonkey 45
    posted an update

    Voltix just got more awesomer and has reached Level 45!

    2018-07-14 14:05:25 UTC
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