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  1. Venix75

    Dark-matter 15-countersnipe 41
    posted an update

    "so, did you murder the 1000 thousand children during the homecooming football game." the judge asked me., increduously. *me, currently oding on benzos* 'i have no idea what you are talking about.'

    2020-11-27 05:58:15 UTC
  2. Venix75

    Dark-matter 15-countersnipe 41
    posted an update

    pizard the mf'ing wizard lizard

    2020-11-25 23:24:36 UTC
  3. posted an update

    pretty sure my twisted world was ghost written by three letter agencies

    2020-11-25 18:44:02 UTC
  4. Achievement Unlocked!

    TrueFlagGirl earned the DDT Eradicator Achievement in Bloons Monkey City

    2020-11-25 22:49:41 UTC
  5. posted an update

    imagine playing ninjakiwi flash games in 2020

    2020-11-24 19:19:37 UTC
  6. posted an update

    call me yung traqualiza the way im gettin these hos to bed

    2020-11-23 14:00:22 UTC
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