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  1. posted an update

    rap is sinful poison. discuss

    2018-07-14 23:27:05 UTC
  2. tytu

    Dark-matter Btd5_bomb 37
    posted an update

    If life is meaningless without an eternal afterlife with God, then shouldn't that afterlife also be meaningless, following the same logic?

    2018-07-10 17:41:42 UTC
  3. posted an update

    I thought a thought, but the thought I thought wasn't the thought I thought I thought. I remembered to forget to remember it, but I wish I forgot to remember to forget. You got that memorized?

    2018-07-13 14:15:53 UTC
  4. tytu

    Dark-matter Btd5_bomb 37
    posted an update

    Does God know what hate feels like?

    2018-07-12 04:16:16 UTC
  5. Achievement Unlocked!

    RocketIcewave earned the Apr 2018 Challenger Achievement in Bloons TD 5

    2018-07-14 16:21:08 UTC
  6. posted an update

    goodbye, NK. Thank you for the countless memories and endless hours of fun. 2013-2018

    2018-07-14 02:36:18 UTC
  7. BobelX

    White-tigers 20-btd_survival 24
    Achievement Unlocked!

    BobelX earned the Bloonarius Popper Achievement in Bloons Monkey City

    2018-07-13 22:23:23 UTC
  8. posted an update

    Oh boy the good ol' days: >><>Wf4F£$f< Forgot how to add a space between lines.

    2018-07-13 15:36:40 UTC
  9. tytu

    Dark-matter Btd5_bomb 37
    Achievement Unlocked!

    tytu earned the Blooms Gold Achievement in Bloons TD 5

    2018-07-13 02:25:35 UTC
  10. Achievement Unlocked!

    TheHeckler earned the May 2018 Challenger Achievement in Bloons TD 5

    2018-07-08 16:17:37 UTC
  11. posted an update

    stay in scool

    2018-07-11 18:06:56 UTC
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