News 27 Jun 2014

This week we've been wrangling things.

SAS: Zombie Assault 4 things. Bloons Monkey City things.  Website things. Even other thing things. Things are more or less under control now. 

Contested Territory Relaunch

The start of the week saw the return of Contested Territory in Bloons Monkey City. It got off to a good start, but we soon started seeing territories becoming unclaimed and unclaimable. We've pushed a few updates out over the last couple of days to get that back under control, and it looks like the latest version, only hours ago, will stop the continuing problems. Your time captured from earlier may not be showing up as it should but any capture time going forward should now be saved properly.

A Zombie Seesaw 

SAS4 has had updates, featuring changes to balance and premium additions. We're keeping a close eye on discussions about these changes, as well as data like win/loss rates to see how the game in general is affected. At the moment we're balancing the game with the "non-beta" version being the end goal, so often these changes will force you to adapt your play style. Specifically in regards to changes to a Skill, we have heard you asking for a free Skill Reset and we've been discussing the best way to deal with Skill changes. It may end up being a free reset, though adding that into the game, making sure there's no exploits etc. means it's not just a switch to flip on our end.

Keep posting your thoughts and discussing the possibilities of SAS4 in the future. Though we don't often post directly to suggestions, we read them as much as we can and appreciate you taking the time to tell us your ideas, whether it's carefully mathed suggestions or something that just sounds plain awesome.

Questions from the Comments:

Impoppable mode for BTD5 Web?

Impoppable Mode (and other mobile things) is something we would like to add, though adding it in takes valuable time. Features in the mobile version need to be coded separately for the web version (and vice versa). 

In CT, will we be facing the same 5 cities every time, or will it change every week?

You'll most likely have a new group each week. It's unlikely you'll recognise a city, but it is a possibility.

Will there be more updates to MvM?

Yep! The original Contested Territory update came with a small change to stop Honor from being lost at a rate higher than it could be earned from the same person, but bigger changes are planned that will encourage participation in MvM

MOAB health in BMC? DDT Speed?

All MOAB-class bloons (besides past round 30 in CT) have 66% health. The DDT is as fast as a pink bloon. 

After round 30 in Contested Territory, MOAB-class health and all bloon speed starts increasing at a steady rate.



Got a question? Leave it in the comments, and tune in next week to see what we have to say, even if it's just a bunch of gibberish!




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