News 05 Feb 2015

With tomorrow being a public holiday here in New Zealand, I've had to prepare the blog earlier. Just a couple huge things happened this week, no big deal.


Bloons Monkey City - Now Available on Android

Yes! BMC is now available to download for free from the Google Play Store. Click the picture below to open the store in a new window.

You all know what this game can do, you've all been asking for it. Now it's here and we want it on your Android device of choice. Grab it now and let us know your thoughts. We have a bunch of updates rolling along the tracks so get ready for content overload.


SAS Zombie Assault 4 - Nightmare Matches, [BLACK] Equipment and a Whole Lot More

The SAS4 update finally arrived at the station and it's waiting to give you nightmares. This update has been in the works for a while now and we were incredibly excited to get it into your hands.


  • Nightmare Matches. Super nightmarish difficulty matches on current missions. Awesome rewards are possible. (Nightmare for Pods, Ice Station and VIP coming soon)
  • Black Strongboxes featuring a whole bunch of [BLACK] weapons and armour.
  • Elite Augment Cores to further power your equipment, or customise it more to your liking.
  • Augment progress rewards. Get more cool stuff for augmenting your stuff.
  • Collections. Keep track of all the guns and armour you collect, with rewards for completing sets.

There's a butt-load more stuff in there including bug fixes and balance changes. Check out he full change log in-game and then see if you have what it takes to take on the Nightmare.


Battle Panic - 150 Waves of Orcs

Last, but not least (actually in this case it probably is the least, but let's not fuss about that), Battle Panic has received an update to change the infamous "300 at" achievements. They now require the player to get to wave 150, and long with this the achievement reward was reduced to 150 AP. This has been a request for a while and it's nice to finally get the achievement in a position that more players can legitimately get it.

If you've never played Battle Panic, or never got those achievements but want to give it a shot now, you can find the game here: Battle Panic


Questions from the Comments:

Skill resets?

Coming. Definitely coming. Coming when? I don't know yet :(

How will Attack Run work with the new MvM/Honor system?

We'll have to decide that once the system is nailed down. In the current example we'd make it so the player losing on their first try would make it a win for the achievement.

How badly does a high ping time (600 to 800ms) affect SAS4 in Multiplayer?

Quite a lot unfortunately. Flash as a platform is already not the best for multiplayer, so making it handle huge differences between players can cause a lot of problems.

Why can't my SAS dude get a sweet cape?

There used to be a fourth SAS class who wore a cape... Didn't end well for him.


Thanks for tuning in. Leave your questions and I'll see you again next week!



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