News 26 Jun 2015

It's been the weekiest week in a while so it means a particularly bloggy. The biggest news is some sort of swamp monster in Bloons Monkey City web, but what about the other stuff we've got going on up in this Ninja Kiwi?


Bloons TD Battles Mobile

You may recall we've recently introduced a login system to Battles mobile to let players save their progress and give us more tools to help players when they run into problems. Things have been hectic at NK Dundee (and HQ) solving the issues these huge updates often have. Lost progress is fixable though so while we've been busy we've also been able to get everyone back into the game.

Bug fixes and patches to deal with the more nefarious players are ongoing but we've also got a little something called version 3.0 in development. Problem is, I can't tell you anything more about that.


Bloons Monkey City Mobile

We aim to get most, if not all content from BMC web into BMC mobile but it does take time. We'll also be getting that content in a different order to BMC web, just to make sure you stay on your toes.

There is an even lined up for the next update but knowledgeable developers continue to work getting other features ready for your portable BMC experience.


SAS Zombie Assault 4 Web

You've all been champions of patience here. Things are close but we need just a little bit longer. We've been testing and testing and finding new issues and testing some more. But just a little bit longer.


Bloons TD 5 Web

Well, there is something happening here. The lead developer has been working away, barely coming up for air and snacks. Recently I got to see a MOAB assassin missile spinning on its nose around a bloon without doing any damage. An interesting bug for sure.


Fortress Destroyer

We continue to work on the premier BPG (Boat Playing Game) and your feedback has been invaluable for helping us softly launch Fortress Destroyer into Ninja Kiwi Harbour. We can't wait to get this in your paws and start getting more game mode, including multi-player, into the game.


Bloons Monkey City - Bloonarius!

The Bloon Beacon's sparkling ping has sounded out all week without a response... Until now!

"By the Sun God" monkeys can be heard exclaiming throughout the city as if by some crazy bloon magic they are transported to a swamp. Bloons appear from the murky depths and a terrific groan makes even the bravest monkey (an Engineer) pause to consider his loved-ones.

But there's no time for that, the swamp water bulges and monkeys despair. The first thing the monkeys see is the brilliant colour of some unknowable material stretched over the bulk of something massive. The water continues to rise and sludge starts to fall away as the true extent of this ancient bloon is revealed.

Bloonarius the Inflator has come!

Its gaping, propeller-ed maw roars as air is sucked through it. Bloons stream from the receding swamp waters, lapping over the low islands in the wake of Bloonarius' size. Maulers zoom through the air and explosions echoe throughout the swamp. Darts, thrown with great accuracy, fly in every direction and slowly the outer hull falls apart. Bloonarius the Inflator deflates, explodes a little and plummets to the goop in which the monkey army stands.

Bloonarius disappears from sight but its essence is still in the swamp. All the monkeys know in their little monkey souls that this isn't the last they've seen of Bloonarius. Not yet.


Questions from the Comments:

Does the XP requirement for Monkey Knowledge keep increasing after level 4?


Any chance the XP requirement for Monkey Knowledge will be reduced?


When are you going to get to level 40, Aaron?


Can you add the ability to replay Special Missions in Bloons Monkey City?

A few of us are pushing for this feature but it's not a priority at the moment. Hopefully one day.

Is there going to be a suggestion forum for SAS4?

I don't plan to make one at the moment.

Is the new forum being put on hold entirely?

No one is working on it at the moment. We still want it to get done but I'm not sure what we'll be able to do yet.

What's the difference between an admin and a badmin?

It's simple. Kill the badmin.

Any plans for more stuff BMC players can spend their bazillions of city cashes on?

While it's something on our mind, we're not focusing on it at the moment.

About adding stuff from Deluxe to Steam/Web BTD5 [also applies to everything in general]

Any change takes time and some things take a lot of time. We have to prioritise some things above others and getting Deluxe content out of Deluxe just isn't a priority at the moment.

Will you put chat in BTD5 Co-op for Steam/Mobile?

We would like to eventually.


And that is the end of this most bloggiest of blogs. Leave a question, have a great day and keep your fallen comrades in your heart.





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