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  • 5-buccaneer
    James Luc84e almost 7 years ago

    If not all thumbs are fingers, then do monkeys have fingers?

  • 17-boombot
    8414990 almost 7 years ago

    Can you clear up whether or not Bloonarius is a MOAB Class Bloon or not? It has some MOAB Class bloon attributes, like being affected by MOAB Maulers and MOAB SHREDR spikes, but it's not afected by things like Cripple MOAB. Can you give some clarification on this?

  • 25-masterfire
    1997s almost 7 years ago

    I know you guys just updated SAS4 with the new guns, events, and all that (which is definitely cool and awesome, and really appreciated), but is there any news on new maps/planets? It's been several months since Meltdown and NM came out, and although the new guns and harder zombies are nice, the maps themselves are getting really repetitive.

  • 17-boombot
    8414990 almost 7 years ago

    Any chance of a tower exclusive to BMC or BMC Mobile?

  • 20-classicsniper
    rikullman almost 7 years ago

    I spy 3 mistakes!

  • Btd5_ice
    saberstar101 almost 7 years ago

    Aaron are you afraid of NK nerfing you?

  • 45-batmonkey
    greenforce almost 7 years ago

    Are bounties going to be available soon? If I say please?

  • 20-classicsniper
    trithien almost 7 years ago

    Can you add the Bloonchipper, Monkey Sub, and Heli Pilot in BMC?

  • 44-orc
    BlazingWolf247 almost 7 years ago

    You mind giving us an explanation as to why the Wheel of Fate is pumping out such ridiculous rewards? Take it straight from a level 31's mouth, the rewards from that thing stink of something rotten. Maybe a rat is chewing on the wires, altering the payout.

  • 39-runandgun
    tristan rockz almost 7 years ago

    whats ice lands in BMC?

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