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  • 15-btd_dart
    FrozenGold9 about 5 years ago

    "Aw, shucks" You say it wrong! XD

  • Btd5_bomb
    yourgoingdownsucker about 7 years ago

    when are they getting bloons tower defense 6? and how do you get ninja kiwi coins?

  • Btd5_mortar
    R2T9 about 7 years ago

    I have some weapon ideas for SAS 4. Do you want to see them or should I not bother?

  • 10-hotmonkey
    Bloonsnuclearbomb57 about 7 years ago

    what did you do to the wheel of fate?!

  • 47-laserdash
    Leo Stando about 7 years ago

    I see that XP is still saved on your character and continues to accumulate in your stats even after reaching level 100 in SAS4. Is this a sign that the level cap may one day be raised?

  • 30-robomonkey
    Tankwars about 7 years ago

    Sorry if this has been asked before but, do you have any plans for adding new zombies to SAS 4? Like some sort of zombie expansion update.

  • 44-superabove
    Scottobozo about 7 years ago

    How many developers does it take to code a dart monkey?

  • 17-boombot
    forevakill about 7 years ago

    Why is the rocket storm ability different in BTD5 Steam?

  • 30-gunspotlight
    Jw321123 about 7 years ago

    What computer specifications do you recommend for SAS4?

  • Btd5_mortar
    R2T9 about 7 years ago

    Will there ever be a SAS 5 or BTD6?

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