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  • 5-btdheli
    cube863 over 7 years ago

    on mobile BTD 5 will a 3.0 be made or go on in the 2.0s and would it be a HUGE update

  • 13-sasmonkey
    TheDoctor2 over 7 years ago

    sas4 defiantly needs to be ported to steam for reasons like performance with good visuals, and better single player performance. the new level is awesome though! I'd like to see more like it.

  • 2-sniperprone
    The Other Elf Boy over 7 years ago

    i no longer have access to my monkey engineers.

  • 8-sumo
    CowWarrior over 7 years ago

    Make a roller coaster tycoon type monkey city, except we use it to socialize. >:P

  • 23-oni
    smackthekids over 7 years ago

    Any plans for a BTD5 / SAS4 on Xbox Live Arcade or Playstation Store ??? I mean it's like free money and advertising waiting to be had! Lots of indie developers go that route to gain visibility and then go on to far larger things (even though I'd consider you all far past indie devs)

  • 6-kiwixray
    samninjakiwi over 7 years ago

    "Day 969. They still think I work for Ninja Kiwi. Must not give myself away." Aaron! How could you!?

  • 11-bionicboomer
    btdgod 5 over 7 years ago

    how do i add people as friends on here?

  • 30-terminatormonkey
    Saiber over 7 years ago

    Will the new SAS4 map come into the mobile version?

  • 6-kiwixray
    papelh over 7 years ago

    If you were a Platypus, what would be the first thing you would do?

  • 27-monkeyace
    Magolor EX over 7 years ago

    Will there ever be a 9th Tier or 10th Tier strongbox?

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