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  • 10-hotmonkey
    Chatowillwin over 6 years ago

    Ayyyyy LMAO

  • Btd5_ice
    RockyBoat755 over 6 years ago

    They need monkey engineers on the webgame.

  • 16-kiwislice
    mightymonkey1 over 7 years ago

    Now to talk to ninjakiwi, I have thought of a new monkey type that rests on lava and its called the napalm monkey.It as a 4/0 has the ability ZOMG take down napalm. ok 0/0 can pop lead and also stays on the track for 60 seconds, the napalm that is. I will have further information soon.

  • 16-kiwislice
    mightymonkey1 over 7 years ago

    ZX840 I agree they are truly amazing.

  • 16-kiwislice
    mightymonkey1 over 7 years ago

    My question is since on bloons monkey city the tower bar has two extra spaces does that mean in the future will they have the bloonchiper and monkey sub?

  • 7-wizard
    BloonRazer over 7 years ago


  • 10-dartlingfullauto
    ChrisXu over 7 years ago

    i can't run this on my mac, even with updated flash player, please fix. Also, great games.

  • 39-potionpanic
    Aaron over 7 years ago

    @Outpak Other thing you could change, put the latest comments as a standard in the first pages from posts in the forum ( I still don't know why you didn't do this ) . Not sure what you mean, sorry. Do you mean order threads by latest post? Or have the "latest posts" section like we used to?

  • Btd5_glue
    ZX840 over 7 years ago

    2 things: 1 - I absolutely love the new music themes on the new tracks in BMC, and 2 - The visual quality of the floor spaces on those screen-shots on mobile SAS4 look awesome, it's just too bad I don't own any type of Phone/iPad/Tablet/etc.

  • 14-femalemage
    themadgod666 over 7 years ago


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