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  • 12-shottiesas
    SupeRIastreB almost 8 years ago

    кто будет играть в сас4???

  • 37-fireyrig
    JosephGoesMeoww7898 about 8 years ago

    I'm just curious, but when are new vault challenges coming out for recent months? Have you been so busy with BMC and SAS4?

  • 38-classicsupermonkey
    RapItOutJesse about 8 years ago

    I haven't been able to play sas4. when I click what comes up is play now ninja kiwi plz fix this!! my friends and I are not satisfied

  • 41-cthulu
    The_Silent_One about 8 years ago

    @PREEMICK I'm having the same problem :(

  • Nk_monkey
    PREEMICK about 8 years ago

    How Do I Play It loadS BUT IT WONT LET ME PLAY ITwhen i click it says Play now on Ninja Kiwi

  • 25-masterfire
    ymedude about 8 years ago

    Does anyone else know SAS 4 is on ninjakiwi now? Go to games and it's the first game on the action sub column.

  • 35-comicbookace
    knightlyraize about 8 years ago

    agreed with elitedarklord

  • 22-masterair
    EliteDarklord_JN about 8 years ago

    That's not the some guy I know! He doesn't complain five million times. Must be a hacker.

  • 11-angeleyes
    king juul about 8 years ago

    by the way some guy i myself am not always happy with the blog post but you just have to deal with it and requests can take a while to be answered

  • 37-fireyrig
    JosephGoesMeoww7898 about 8 years ago

    Any info on a new update for BMC?

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